FIRST EVER POST: Review On “The Truth About Julia” by Anna Schaffner

Published: April 2016

Genre: Thriller

Personal ratings:  ★★★★☆

Summary: Clare is an investigative journalist who has received great recognition for her works, and writing non-fictional stories is her burning passion. She was assigned to write a manuscript for her upcoming biography about Julia White, a beautiful, intelligent woman who was responsible for the death of 24 people when she bombed a café in downtown London.

REVIEW: I am lost with words, honestly. This book had kept me so occupied (despite all the work I’ve been getting all over the place) that I couldn’t even think quite straight just after finished reading it. It was, as one would describe, a very eye-opening book towards the lack of public attention and awareness of globalization issues that Julia, as the character, had.

The words were depicted so strong that I sometimes needed to re-read them to understand what they fully mean. As for Anna, she is such an intelligent, knowledge-filled author, her writings on this book are one of the many ways how I can tell so.

My mind was extremely battling to keep on reading to see what really was going on with the character’s point of view, even though there were several chapters that weren’t all that necessary to conduct, they were however filed in to additional content purposes which I’m saying isn’t entirely a bad thing though, because those chapters were the ones that helped readers dig in each of the character’s stories and perspectives towards the mysterious truth upon Julia’s act of massive terrorism attack.

“‘Don’t you wanna know why she committed her atrocious act?’
Grace thought about this for a moment. Then she said: ‘No. No, honestly, dear, I don’t. I’m not interested. I’m interested in Sam right now. In how to get her back on track. I’m interested in tomorrow and the day after. I’m interested in the future, you see? In how to keep on living as well as we can, considering the circumstances.’”

Overall, I did enjoy the story, there was a need of reviewing and mind-twisting to actually put each of the story pieces to a whole puzzle once it reached the end, and to be honest, it was worth the time. Like I have previously said before, this book has left me speechless. As a matter of fact that some of the characters were quite sensitive and very much aware about the global-political issues going on around them, which offered a highly new and unique perspective upon them towards myself.

Recommended forpeople who adore smart, twisty insights and good old gripping, yet page-turning kick-ass thriller books.

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