Current Obsession: YouTubers

Disclaimer: This article is written with fully honest and personal content of the author and is not by any chance sponsored any one of the YouTubers mentioned down bellow.

One of the wonderful things that fuel me with the jolly of Christmas spirit this holiday season is none other than (yep, you guessed it) YouTubers. As a form of entertainment itself, it has succeeded to making me feel a whole bunch of things all at once. Watching YouTubers whenever I lose track of motivation or energy helps me regain them simultaneously. 

The thing I like most about YouTubers is that they each have such unique yet diverse personalities that can be seen through their videos. They post such creative contents which indirectly educate and inspire the viewers that are so well done and mind-blowing, tutorials that help you get yourself throughout the day, delightful challenge videos, mindful and eye-opening thoughts and rambles, informative points of information, fascinating VLOGS, and wow, just too much more for me to mention.

Watching YouTubers on YouTube for me is like another form of reading, but with an additional visual and sound effect tagged along with it, you always get something new whenever you watch a typical YouTuber’s video that it’s honestly getting to the point where it gets addictive. So yeah, enough rambling, because listed below here are 10 YouTubers (that aren’t in any particular biased order) that I reckon deserve checking out because they either inspired me, made me laugh, or just giving valuable insights along the videos they posted. Just getting this out of the way, the list down below are my personal picks, so whether or not you like them or think otherwise is completely up to you, I’m here to share mine anyway. So here goes:

1. Mel on the Move 

Mel is 25 and she currently lives in Yeongju, South Korea as an English teacher taking the EPIK (English Program in Korea) program, she is not afraid of living out of her comfort zone traveling far from home to take on a job in Korea, and I think it’s very interesting to witness the Korean culture through her perspective on her videos. She seems like a lovely person and I just find it so intriguing somehow. She posts new videos every Thursday, and here is one that led me to her channel which I find being quite the eye-opener.

2. Hailey In Bookland

Now, forgive me guys. Because if any of you here hate or dislike reading books, then you should just skip this one right ahead. Hailey is a BookTuber and all her videos mostly revolve around books. As a matter of fact, she is the first BookTuber I have ever come across, enlightening me to the wondrous BookTube world on YouTube, and to be honest, I admire her a lot that I always watch every new video she posts on YouTube. #NotificationSquad

3. Niga Higa

Moving on to one of the legendary YouTubers out there who blows up the internet with his mind-blowing yet honest, and punny videos, Ryan Higa. He had to be on my list, because, who doesn’t love him, honestly? His videos are a complete knock-out and down right hilarious. So for those of you out there who seeks laughter on rainy days or motivation to get you up for difficult tasks in life, he’s your YouTuber. And if any of you say you never heard of him before your entire life, well honey, I’m sorry to say, but you’re missing out. Real bad. Just saying.

4. Will Darbyshire

I knew Will just yesterday when my friend told me that she wanted to make film videos just like him (read: snapshots). So when I gave his channel a go and went in on a couple of videos, I gotta say, I’m impressed. His snapshot videos are super cool, insanely vintage, and it just hit you right on your feels as if you were there to witness it on your own. He has some really interesting topics to talk about as well on his other videos. Oh, and as a bonus, he uses this super sophisticated, cool, british accent so what’s not to love about him, honestly?

5. Shane

Now this guy is just pure hilarious, and full-on sassy. I, to be honest also just found out about him last week, I presume? He has seriously got a collection of creatively spoken topics on his channel that I guarantee would keep you guys entertained and educated, all into one. Here’s a video of him talking about YouTuber books that I really loved seeing.

6. Last Day Production

So I’m just going to put this out there, LDP has been a great companion for me and millions of other Indonesian viewers out there because they produce the funniest contents with just the perfect cast going on, they post short stories, ridiculous (in a good way) content that entertains the crowd pretty well. They also have english subtitles for those of you who do not speak Indonesian to likely enjoy them as well!

7. Kevin Anggara

Another one of the successful Indonesian YouTubers who I personally enjoy watching is Kevin Anggara. Believe it or not, he first started out his career on instagram posting short videos portraying him as the main character with all his friends doing all sorts of crazy relatable things, attempting on producing hilarious contents. Not only is he hilarious, but some of his videos (like the one below) also depict conventional message that speaks out so well after you finish watching them.

8. Mark Wiens

Funny if you guys don’t know, YouTube is simply a one-stop paradise for food porn.  Mark’s videos are mouth-watering, anticipating, and insightful when it comes to that. He essentially travels for food. Travelling for food is basically his life. So if you’re up to travelling and eating, then be sure to give his channel a go.

9. Jennxpenn

Here is one of my all time favorite classic YouTuber who never goes out of style. Jenn is this bundle of joy and laughter with her innovative contents that she posts every Saturday, she’s fun, spontaneous, and an on point entertainer. I first knew her a couple of years ago through her AwesomenessTV debut, and started enjoying a lot of her videos she posted after up until now. So yeah, you should totally check her out.

10. Kristen Sarah

What’s a “10 favorite YouTubers” list without a travel junkie inside of them? Kristen has this great channel that showcases her travel journeys all across the world. She is this one cheery globetrotter that posts tips, vlogs, and many other things related to travel. I highly recommend for you to give her channel a look though, she’s magnificent.

So those were the 10 YouTubers whose videos and personalities I find interesting to watch. I’m sorry if I didn’t mostly mention famous YouTubers on the list with millions of subscribers and the amount of hype and popularity they’re getting, because I feel like you guys should know that the crazy amount of subscribers do not necessarily make a YouTuber great, but the content and the way they speak up on their videos, the times spent editing, making, filming, producing, and the value that comes within it are what really matters the most. 

I personally hope that this article will somehow get you to knowing stuff you previously didn’t know about YouTubers? I don’t know. I sure hope it does. All in all, thank you for the generous time spent on reading this article. Who are your favorite YouTubers that aren’t listed above? Have you ever heard of any of the YouTubers on the list? Leave your comment down below because I’d really love to know. ❤

Hope it didn’t disappoint,


Janice K

Photo credits to my kick-ass graphic designer pal, Gracia Tumakaka. Thanks for the mock-up!

2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: YouTubers

  1. elysia.FW says:

    Hello, it’s also my recent obsession too! YouTubers can easily be addictive, I agreed on that fact. I REALLY love Ryan Higa’s videos, LDP, and Kevin Anggara. Who’s your number one YouTuber?


    • bibliophilebychoice says:

      Hi! I don’t exactly have a favorite YouTuber at the moment because all YouTubers are equally unique and special in each of their own ways. Thank you so much for your feedback! x

      Liked by 1 person

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