Motivation Wednesday: Steve Jobs Behind the Lens of a Non-Apple Owner

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. – Steve Jobs

The reason why I wanted to write a post about Steve Jobs was because he is a living solid proof of how much a person can actually pursue in life with passion, dedication, and hard work.

Let me remind you the fact that he was the man behind that iPhone you’re using. The one person who changed the lives of many, inspiring thousands of people out there with his achievements in life, a person to look up to. 

Allow me to direct you back to a summary of his early days before his success:

The Steve Jobs we know today is far from the Steve Jobs we didn’t know back then. His parents had him in the middle of studying in college and disowned him for adoption. He was born and raised with a non-biological father who was in love with technology, which caught a lot of his interest into learning more and becoming seemingly passionate to it.

He partnered up with a friend who shared a mutual interest in computer development, Steve Wozniak, who slightly generates better technological experiences than he did and started their first company, Apple Computer in 1976, and developed huge success in the later 1980-s. The two had entitled great income from their hardmanship with Jobs as the marketing CEO and Wozniak as industrial designer of the company.

Little did he know that all the sweet flavored success would go rotten by the second. With many new known competitors beating up the computer market, Jobs was considered futile and got departed from his own company, leaving him with nothing but a fresh new start to his dumbfounded career. 

He later managed to build upon his own computer software company called NeXT inc. and bought George Lucas’ animation company which we all now know as Pixar, which was then merged with Disney, allowing Jobs to own the largest shareholder of the company. Attaining the success he earned from these two companies, he decided to sell Pixar to mainstream America, which was ironically later on bought by Apple for $429 million, to which returned Jobs to becoming the former CEO of Apple himself.

Here’s a truly eye-opening commencement speech he made to Stanford graduates in 2005 (which I highly recommend for you to check out) :

He then generated his ideas to newfound products we all know and are fond of today, developing passion and creativity through his unique phenomenal designs, such as iPhone, Macbook Air, iMac, iPod, scaling the company itself to the level above any other big companies and creating revolutionary inventions compassionately. 

A few years later, he was diagnosed with a rare-case of pancreatic cancer and managed to succeed his surgery back in 2004, but was starting to loose more weight that was visible to the public-eye indicating that he was still suffering from this disease which played a large role of enabling his unexpected peaceful death in 2011.

Just to lay it out there, I apparently am not a solid Apple owner. I do not own any Apple related products due to certain inoffensive reasons. I do know a lot of people who value the products and witnessed great use it has brought upon them, but to put it fairly, it does not mean I disregard anything that is Apple related nor am I against it. I am impressed moreover that Steve Jobs got back up after he got fired from his own company, how ridiculous the fact that Pixar would cease to merely exist if it weren’t for his departure. How he turned his failures into more success, how his burning soul yearns to get back up and move on from his mistakes, the unbelievable fact that he never actually graduated from college to have achieved all this. I honestly am left with no words.

Steve Jobs taught me (and hopefully, you, the one reading this) that hard work and success can never be achieved overnight. Yes, you may have several failures that bring you down in life, but keep in mind that the most valuable things that falling down will ever teach you is the fighting spirit planted inside of you getting back up on track and moving forward to becoming a better you. Other than that, Steve Jobs had also portrayed a great deal of passion throughout his entire lifelong career, leaving the world in 2011 with a spectacular legacy that both originated from his life-changing success and his showcased love in what he did. 

I hope you all get at least a small amount of positive insights after you finish reading this post. Please let me know if you did by leaving a comment down below! I’d love to know.

I’ll see you in a few,

Janice K

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2 thoughts on “Motivation Wednesday: Steve Jobs Behind the Lens of a Non-Apple Owner

  1. JK says:

    Wow i am stunned by the way you describe Jobs’ passion and achievement in his life. My biggest wish is that you would pursue the similar path Jobs has taken! Best of luck my Janice!


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