A Very Unpopular Thought On: Paris

Before I jump into anything, I would like to quote a little disclaimer out there because I can. No matter how annoying it sounds because I often put disclaimers on my posts, so here it goes:

All thoughts are based on my personal experiences and is not intended to make fun of Paris in a highly insulting way, please do not take this post subjectively or a certain type of boundary for you to not visit the city itself. These are my thoughts and I’m only here to share what I feel about my first visit to Paris, so there you have it.

Okay now in the midst of July, I got a chance to visit the beautiful (or as I’ve been told) city of love in the middle of the West Europe journey with my family. We stayed there a couple of nights, in a number of 3 days, and needless to say, Paris did not turn out to becoming the breathtaking city I had hoped for.

First things first, traffic. The streets were super crowded. There were vehicles all over the place. We went there with a tour bus on our way from Cologne, Germany. Our hotel was located on the outskirts of the city, just in front of a crowded highway. Believe me, it wasn’t a regular 10-15 minutes of average traffic, but a horrendous one that took about half an hour. I thought to myself, “Oh, this probably happens because the Euro Cup 2K16 is going on and tonight’s the big game between Germany and France.” until my tour guide told me that Paris was really just another big overloaded metropolitan city with traffics like these that occur everyday. One thing’s for sure: Paris sure did leave an impression on me alright, but it most certainly was not a good one.

The next day came and I believe I’ve had set my hopes too high that day. We were supposed to go on a city tour around town, to the famous landmarks I’ve always been dying to visit ever since I was a little kid, but unfortunately couldn’t enjoy for too long because time was ahead of us and we were literally running towards it along the journey of every location we visited.



Don’t get me wrong, the sites were of course, beautiful. But not the kind of beautiful you see in movies. Do I have a favorite? Yes. The very first site we managed to visit, Musée du Louvre was as near as breathtaking despite its humid weather. As for the others, I liked them, they were okay. Notice the fact that I used the word like instead of love, because I had such higher expectations upon them before I arrived here.

We managed to shop at a mall somewhere in the midst of the city where they showcased a ton of branded products, such as Prada, Salvatore Feragano, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. There was an entire floor dedicated to brands selling products similar to them, and it was crazy. But to my disappointment, we spent around 2 hours just to shop where it could have, should have, but did not spend sightseeing a little bit longer on the other landmarks we passed through quickly earlier.



The day ended with another traffic on the way to the place where we were reserved for dinner, which just pissed me off even more. But here’s the better part: my dad told me that he got us e-rail tickets for our journey to Zurich, which was the next scheduled destination on our itinerary, spending half the time needed to get there instead of riding the tour bus. This triggered me with 2 last anticipations going on my mind at that very moment:

  1. Gare de Lyon.
  2. Riding the Euro-rail to Switzerland.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Finally, a chance to enjoy a true Parisian atmosphere within the time that was apparently on our reach. We have been played “The Tourist” on our way here the other day, so I was still pretty overwhelmed by the fact that this was the very station of where Elise took her train to Venice and met Alexander Pearce that occurred in the beginning of the movie.

So my expectations were finally satisfied with the fact that the station was gorgeous. The building looked very victorian like, and oh I just loved the idea of a visit to the train station in the morning, located in Paris, which completely made up to the previous day I spent here. I could finally breathe in the refreshing air that circulated beautifully among Paris. Now this was what I’m talking about. What I’ve been yearning to feel since the first day I got here.







So all in all, I’m not trying to say that Paris is an awful place for anyone in particular to visit, because it is absolutely beautiful in general. But it just wasn’t for me. I’m probably saying this because I’ve had such an awful first impression on it and perhaps several other issues with time along the way. I am going to re-visit Paris again someday without participating on a tour so I can try and re-enjoy the city with a longer period of time and a much more proper weather to go along with.

Guess that’s pretty much it for today’s post. I hope you guys liked it? What are your thoughts on Paris after reading this post? Are you planning on a trip here anytime soon? I’d love to hear all about it on your comments down below.

Merci et au revoir!

Janice K

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