Writing “Enamored” On Wattpad

Earlier this year, I’ve been starting to dive deep into my passion in writing and was always reconsidering myself of writing a novel on WattPad. I mean, what better ways to start off your work through a platform that provides books that you are both free to read and write online?

There was one tiny problem though, and that was: commitment. I haven’t had the guts to write my own novel yet because I was afraid that I won’t be able to finish the story until it reaches the very end. I was scared of quitting, which was such an awfully lame excuse to begin with when it comes to passion. That moment ended when I was having a casual conversation with a friend of mine, who was also into writing and decided to engage a partnership into creating a novel together on WattPad. He was super intrigued about this and reminded me often times about our commitment. Being committed to your work is one of the things I learned from working with him, it really kept me going.

He created almost everything: the cover, the Wattpad account, and the plot for the story. Guess it’s safe to say that he was indeed more passionate about this than I was because my only job was to correct every little grammatical errors done on his work and write a couple of decent lines to get the first few chapters going.

It was almost the end of our semester in school and it was getting hard to focus on writing like we used to, so we decided to put it on hold and continue the story once the holidays started. We managed to set several meetings back then to discuss the few matters in our hands: character development, new characters, plot, ending, world building, job descriptions, etc. Our meeting acquired several outlines of plots that included several chapters to come, which was entirely not bad. Through all that, I think we were accumulating progress towards our work and managed to bring improvement upon our writing styles along the way.

Then we were off to the next stage: promoting. I was the one who suggested we promote this story to our friends who are interested in reading our story, and so we did. Our readers escalated drastically after we spread the word through social media and personal chats. We even managed to get several loyal ones who quite admire our work and was dying to find out what happens next. Above all that, there were also a few ones who pointed out our typos and mistakes which we highly appreciate them doing for. We knew that going through this would require us facing a ton of fallacies but we also knew that those fallacies would also eventually help us get the hang of it along the way.


There were a couple of issues that occurred in the midst of process that involved miscommunication and misunderstanding towards one another, and then of course, stress that comes from writing too much which had led us to becoming writing slobs. Embracing conflicts and altering solutions seemed to have become very common throughout the most meetings, so we decided to call it off for a few months and took a break until we’re ready again to begin continuing it.

Reflecting back on how it was from the beginning until looking on how far the progress we’ve made until now has somehow helped me learn something valuable to mind: patience. Writing, especially with a partner, requires a great deal of patience. There will be times where your partner slacks off and does not do the work they were supposed to be doing, and there will be times where you are the one slacking off which unconsciously leads you onto making more mistakes to your work. We can never avoid conflict, but we can always settle them out through patience.

As for Enamored, we are going to continue making and publishing new chapters through the near-end future, we just can’t announce when exactly we are going to release them, since we are individually busy with our own plans on the incoming holidays at hand, so we’re just not sure yet.

Thank you for making it this far reading my post, leave a comment if this post somehow moved you into pursuing something similar as this or any random thoughts of your own down below, I’ll be happy to check them out.

Feel free to read our story here –> http://my.w.tt/UiNb/p2fkAlVmmz

Until next time,

Janice K

Shoutout to my friend, Alexander Bryan for being the awesome, kickass novel writing partner in this true story of mine, and my friend Gracia Tumakaka once again for creating the wonderful mock-up design of Enamored for this post.

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