Highlights This Christmas: A Visit to TGC Café

Disclaimer: This post is NOT SPONSORED or in any way affiliated by the owner of this café.

I’ve always enjoyed casual short dates to coffee shops around town with my dad on evenings like this. Nothing like a good old father-daughter quality time sharing small conversations about our thoughts on coffee and many other things related to that. This Christmas, though, my dad had asked me to join him for coffee at one of his favorite cafés in the west side of town called TGC.

This cafe opened not long ago in Loop, a local area that inhales businesses related to food and is somewhat often a popular hangout spot for youngsters that turns lively during late hours at night.




The reason my dad takes me out for coffee, even when he can brew himself one on his own, is that because he gets bored with the limited selection of beans he currently possesses at home. He usually embraces his boredom by going out to try new coffee shops around town and take him with me.

We stopped by TGC at around 5 o’clock this evening and ordered his usual, as for me, having to never tried this place, ordered a chocolate related coffee drink for I was in a mood for something hot and sweet on a breezy afternoon. He ordered a V60 brew of a coffee bean that originated somewhere in Aceh, while I ordered myself a Chocolate Blatte, a mixture of coffee, chocolate, with additional banana extracts in them.




Beverages from left: a V60 brew and a Chocolate Blatte.

We were enjoying our moment at our outdoor seats and we were currently in the middle of enjoying our drinks when the owner of the shop greeted us, asking us how the coffee tasted. He seemed like a decent guy, my dad met him during his first visit here when he still opened in PTC. He then continued on telling us about how he moved from a mall to a more valid business territory here in Loop, his hardwork that enabled him to build his coffee shop, proving people wrong by building it in just a number of 7 days, his struggles and sweat he put upon building his coffee empire, how he managed his menus, etc. He apparently showed dominance throughout the whole conversation that left me speechless, he didn’t even stop to let me ask him a question. I learned to just listen and nod every time he looked at my direction, impressed at what he has dealt with through his stories.

He told us how he came up with the concept of his business being only to focus on producing high quality coffee, which leaves the menu with only 5 pastries with recipes he bought from a famous former Master Chef participant (or winner). Traffic in the morning where he got visitors from Korea and Germany, to young adults chattering until midnight on the outdoor section of his café. How he managed all the solid requirements needed to build his coffee joint, how he chose a strategic spot in Loop enabling an increase towards his income compared to his previous spot, and many more. Listening to him talk was like reading one big chapter of his book of life, in which was both captivating and nice to know that there was such an interesting yet strong story behind the existence of this café.







So to put it to words, I personally think that TGC has such great qualities to offer, and this can be seen not only from the exquisite taste and satisfying result of their products, but their value in making them. How they manage to create such rich taste with supportive atmosphere and positive vibes that surround their café, and everything about that is just, really something. I swear if all coffee owners are open to customers like this, I would seriously love to drive around town and explore cafés just to know and learn about the wonderful stories behind their every successes.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you all have a pleasant evening with your loved ones this Christmas. What are you thoughts on this post? Should I publish more that is similar to this one? What do you think I should write about next? Do leave a comment, if you like.

Feliz navidad, you guys!

Janice K

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