REVIEW: Lullabies by Lang Leav

I’m not usually one to review nor read books about poetry similar to this one, but there’s never harm done in trying something new and completely out of the blue, so here goes nothing.

I never thought that I would get my hands on poetry until a friend of mine who is known to obsess over poetry so much lent this book to me. I was actually really curious of reading one whole book full-on about poetry, so this is actually my first time doing it.

I’ve had doubts on poetry for some reasons, I’ve always thought they were too cheesy to even begin with, and down right boring as hell. But before I knew it, I was caught off guard reading the poems inside this book, like Leav’s writings are deep, like the emotion-consuming and heartwarming kind of deep. In a way, there were so many poems I read in here that reminded me of myself, I sometimes reread them to really adjust the words and dwell on each of them to suck in the true, relatable meaning beneath it.

There were stories that kept me on, the stories tell metaphors that deduct issues that are mostly related to love so often, that I simply couldn’t put it down. I was captivated, the writing was entirely beautiful. I can see now why a lot of people love poetry and never cease to stop reading them.

Poetry is art, in forms of words and emotions written all over it that just gets you in a way no other form of literature does.



But with all that’s said, I’m still trying to reopen my mind by reading more poetry in the upcoming future and learn the value of appreciating it because not to sound cheesy or anything, poetry kind of helps the cleanse of your soul by helping you reflect back on the cruelty of your past, but also reminding you of a beautiful rough future that lies ahead of you.

I think people should pay more attention to this underrated yet powerful genre of literature, and I highly recommend you to start off by reading them through the internet or just through books like these.


Lang Leav is a great poet, I’d give this work of hers a 4.5/5, because there were still a few titles that didn’t get into me much due to lack of understanding. But there were of course, plenty more that soothed my heart and got me so deep that I sometimes reread them because they were just bitter sweet honest and so, so precise.

Guess I’m gonna leave the review at that for now. Have you ever read any of Lang Leav’s work? What are your thoughts about poetry in general? Comment down below and let me know what you think!

from the girl who has been writing so (too) much lately,

Janice K

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