Appreciation Post: An Unspoken Heroine

Today is the first day of the year 2017, and I would like to start the big day off by writing a post about her, as in, my mom. There are actually quite a list of things that I would like to mention here today, because truth be told, she should know that I love and respect her in general, for I have told her that several times through my past actions and gifts, but there’s nothing wrong with expressing my undying appreciation once again through my passion in writing, yeah?

Right, so before I can hop on to anything else, I just wanna let you know that to avoid all that cheesiness in writing too much, I’ve decided to just summarize all I wanted to say in a list of 4 points to what kind of a person she is that I personally admire most about:

→ She is a fighter. A responsible individual that fights for the better welfare of her children’s futures. A hardworking career-driven woman who showed her whole support to the family business, even if it has absolutely nothing related to her passion. Within each passing hour in the days spent, whether it’s in her office, the kitchen table, or her room, the amount of work she has done for the family is truly remarkable and I simply am grateful of having her in my life as my mom.

image1 (1).jpeg

→ A smart and intellectual human being. She learned to speak and understand Mandarin fluently through watching classic chinese movies as a child, and was super passionate about her Japanese language studies that enabled her to accomplish great recognition as the 1st winner of a nation-wide Japanese Speech Competition during her early 20s, and ranked number one among the entire Social Studies student body during high school. Which clearly explains why she encourages her children to learn the same languages she did in the present being.

image5 (1).jpeg

→ A mother that stands out differently among others. The one who came up with the idea of not hiring servants in the house, but disciplines her children into cleaning up the house after themselves with all her strength and loud, stern, voice. Developing a certain mindset that all the hardwork done by doing chores right now will pay off in the end, teaching them to conserve the money that was supposed to be spent on paying off a servant’s salary for better use, now that’s what I call parenting.

image3 (1).jpeg

→ The one family member who really pays attention to everyone in the house. She understands us all. She is the one person whose eyes are most wide when it comes to anyone that comes along sick or is in need of medical care. Not only that, during most times, her preferences mostly lead to waking up early and cleaning after the mess her family has brought upon, with no further complaints. She is selfless and often place the welfare of others above her very own.


So there you have it, mom. The 4 things I admire most about you in one heck of a blogpost. There were actually a ton more that would take forever for me to mention here. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I know I’m a couple of days late but hey, being late is always a better option than never, right? We might quarrel sometimes and though let’s be honest, I may not always like you, but more often than not, I’ll still love you most.

Happy birthday!

Janice K

All pictures are taken by my stupendous photographer dad during our recent travels through the last couple of years, thanks dad!


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