New Year Resolutions – Not Just A Better Me

Another year, another fresh start. I’ve always loved the idea of starting over, especially during annual so called events like the New Year. I gotta admit, that I have been making plenty of resolutions in the past few years but never really seemed to got into them neither taking them seriously back then, but I can assure you that it’s all going to change from now. I know that change does not have to happen on just new years, but I’m still so ever grateful that a lot of people decided to mark the new year as another valid opportunity to becoming the better versions of themselves. So I have decided to dedicate this blog post as a declaration to what changes I’m going to make for myself, with an aim of not just becoming a better me, but a new and devoted one to God.

I value the process that goes within wondrous transformations, by all means, change is never going to just happen over night, just like butterflies, everyone is required to transform in a certain period of time in order to be the best type of person they believe they could become. Some may take longer, but that really isn’t the point. The most important part of it is the willingness of a person to proceed and start making amends for themselves, turning into a better good.

So here are my 5 resolutions to make for 2017, I narrowed them down to only 5 because having too many resolutions and ending up not doing them would be such a shame rather than just having a few of them being well accomplished in the end. Here goes!

Finish reading the Holy Bible in a year along with a few of my church friends, in a very interesting event called #BacaSek, not just reading though, but answering the daily questions given and reflecting on oneself and sharing the learned thoughts and lessons with others so they too can feel blessed upon the wisdom that God has brought upon me every single day.


→ Showcasing integrity and making it a foundation in my everyday life. Doing good by valuing respectfulness, honesty, humbleness, gratefulness, obedience, attentiveness, initiative, and responsibility all into one not for the sake of others looking, but for the means of it being the right thing to do even if nobody else around you stands for the righteousness of doing it.


Start being productive by doing what I love and yet learning new things along the way. Digging deep into my passion and breaking through my limitations are the things I plan on doing to keep me learning, whether it’s from a book, a person’s personal experience, or travels. All it takes is to know that one can never stop learning, no matter how old they get. Life will still be teaching you countless lessons and you will nevertheless end up taking something from it, no matter how big or small the impact of it gets to you.


→ Spending more quality time with my family. No matter how successful or how many extravagant accomplishments and failures I make, everything will always, always, lead down to one small group of people that plays the most important and supportive role in my life: my family. I have come to realize that they will not stay by my side forever, and they might not be perfect, and that’s okay, therefore I must take the time I’ve got now and spend it with them as much as I can.


Treasuring true friends though might not be many, and staying loyal, being there for them whenever possible. There will always be new people to meet during this ongoing profound year, new friendships, settlements, and maybe betrayals that come in between, but all it takes is to keep the ones you’ve grown most fond of, keeping them close and appreciating their presence for you in life.


Thank you so much for taking your time into reading this list. I wish you all the good and wonderful things that you’ll definitely look forward to arrive this year. And if you also happen to have resolutions of your own, I hope you come around into fulfilling them all like you’ve always wanted to.

Have a splendid 2K17, everyone!

Janice K

2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions – Not Just A Better Me

  1. elysia.FW says:

    Wow, that’s certaintly powerful objectives of the year, I’m sure you will claim all of them! Good luck! Oh, and may I ask, are you Christian? I’m not trying to offend you or anything..


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