3D2N of Star Cruises’ Very Own Superstar Gemini

So about a week ago, my mother took us on our very first cruise trip for approximately 3 days and 2 nights to Malacca, Malaysia. We embarked from Singapore’s Harbour Front at midnight on January 4th, after a stressful long period of time queueing through immigration to board on the ship.

As you all may notice, we were to board on Superstar Gemini, one of the 6 types of ships from Star Cruises, an Asian cruise line that is owned by Genting, Hongkong which is also the third largest cruising line in the world after Carnival Corporation and Royal Carribean that dominates the Asia-Pacific market at hand.



Our cruise had swimming pools, jacuzzis, and over 10 restaurants to choose from to satisfy the passengers’ needs for a luxurious gourmet experience on board. There were 3 free complimentary ones that I managed to give a shot of, and each and every one of them got even better and better after every next visit.

The first and most likely the best restaurant we tried was: Dynasty Restaurant, located on deck 11. The place served Chinese food in a form of buffet, so we were more than liberal to take as much as we wanted to.

This was definitely our first choice for dinner on the very first night where we first got on the ship, and believe me, they served a huge variety of Chinese food that made me want to devour them all at once. From dumplings, to fried rice, fried noodles, sauted vegetables, wheat cooked prawns, they also provide both plain and pork mixed porridge during breakfast that are commonly known as “Yum Cha” which in Chinese is a traditional way of eating dimsum while drinking Chinese tea.

What I personally enjoyed most was their hot milk which I took from their condiments section which was unlike any other milk I have ever come across of drinking before. It was literally creamy, yet not too sweet or plain completed with a pile of white foam on top of it, bubbling hot. I decided to dip in an additional bun to kick it up a notch, which then ended me to taking another one because it was that worth it of the extra few calories to chew from.





Our cabins were on deck 5, which happened to be the lowest level of this ship the passengers are allowed to step foot on. It was freezing cold all the time even after we turned the heater on, but despite that, at least we got a view of the ocean right before our room windows that were unsurprisingly breathtaking to have a look at, especially during embarkation, where we could see that the water is moving from beneath us down below.

The ship embarked right on schedule that night, and the experience I felt when the ship started maneuvering was pure excitement. We were to arrive near the coasts of Malacca the next morning, so I was super giddy about riding a cruise for the very first time, sailing the ocean in the midst of slumbering inside a cabin and waking up the next morning someplace new. I could literally hear noises from machines that were working beneath my pillow while I was trying to sleep, and several thuds from the walls in the morning, indicating that the anchor was thrown down and that the ship was finally put to a stop.

image1 (4).jpeg

image2 (4).jpeg

image11 (1).jpeg

Next on our itinerary was none other than: breakfast. We have decided to try out another restaurant that’s not far from our reach, which was none other than Bella Vista. The place served Indian dishes also in forms of buffet, and we were intrigued on trying them out on deck 9.

I did not manage to take shots of the breakfast we had that day though, but we had beef bacon, turkey ham, muffins, samosa, well-done eggs, and so many more. The food was exquisite, of course, completed with a desert and salad station that satisfied our cravings for a complete breakfast just right.

Continued over lunch, we were left with the last complimentary choice on our list: Mariners Restaurant, which happened to be located on the same deck as Bella Vista and was only separated by a walk to the duty free shop and a bar.

Mariners was an International and Indian buffet joint, they provided a line of all kinds of international dishes on board along with an Indian Vegetarian section next to it, I took a lot on my plate but ended up not finishing them all because some were not as good as they seemed.

What I liked about Mariners was their milk tea. It was warm and enjoyable with a rich combination of milk and tea (obviously) compiled with sweetness and creamy flavor to it. The milk was okay too, even if it didn’t top my list of favorites in Dynasty’s, I still overall enjoyed them both.

image3 (6).jpeg

image1 (5).jpeg


image7 (1).jpeg



image6 (1).jpeg

My brother offered if I wanted to join him for another round of lunch at Bella Vista, and I just couldn’t say no. So after we finished eating, we crossed the duty free shop to reach Bella Vista and soon found out that there was no buffet but a menu prepared for the guests to enjoy for lunch. There were at least 3 choices for main course which were all free of charge, and I knew my brother was gonna end up ordering his all-time-favorite fish n’ chips, and I just had to pick something else. So I ordered a chicken wrap then after a few moments of waiting, the food finally came.

I tried my brother’s fish n’ chips, then he tried mine in return. Meh, they were okay. They provided us with cold lemon water as beverages, but as expected, I was too full to continue because the portion of it was massive.


image5 (2).jpeg

image4 (2).jpeg


I then spent a lot of energy by exploring the entire ship, it was huge and filled with guests, although some were already in Malacca and was currently not on board at the time being. All it took was a 15-20 minute ride on a boat that was provided by the ship to get there, which I will tell you all about later on my next post.

We managed to catch the sunset that can be seen from the upper decks of the ship and like all sunsets, they were all lovely and breathtaking to watch, especially when you’re in the middle of the ocean with a nearby city to complete the background.

image1 (3).jpeg

image2 (3).jpeg

There was a scheduled performance of “The Queen of Hearts” in Stardust Lounge which was a must for me to see because I was currently reading a novel about it as well (Heartless by Marissa Meyerand would love to see a performance that was coincidentally related to it. The show started at 8:30, if I recall correctly, and ended at 9:45.

It was about a girl, who finds Wonderland with the help of her two new acquainted friends, which had 2 Jokers, one black and the other white, as the rulers of the newfound kingdom. She soon met them and then ended up being captured, but was then freed by her comrades who showcased such incredible acrobatic performances.

The entire show was a compilation of  a bunch of choreographies, singing, and dancing. It was epic. Every one of the characters had succeeded to play their parts very well, and the ending when the girl ends up becoming The Queen of Hearts, was an utterly amusing finale. I couldn’t help but gawk the entire show, breath taken by their actions and dazzling performances.

image7 (2).jpeg

image9 (2).jpeg

image8 (2).jpeg

So to summarize, I had one of the most wonderful time on board of this ship, my one complaint was the lines of getting on and off of it, though. It took us forever to pass through immigration because there were over a thousand people who happened to be guests like us on this cruise. With that being said, I guess the never ending lines were certainly worth it for the splendid experience I got to witness on board of this ship.

Thanks for reading, guys. I hope this post was worth your time reading and not disappointing at the same time. Have you guys ever tried riding a cruise? What was it like? Or are you planning on cruising anytime soon? Comment your thoughts down below as I would love to hear all about them.

Have a good evening!

Janice K


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