Late Night Cravings – Martabak Mozarella By Terang Bulan Volcano


Tonight’s post will be all about this delightful handsome devil who managed to add the few extra calories that should’ve not been necessary to digest. The beauty in this picture is named after martabak, which is a salty delish crunch usually stuffed with meat and vegetables inside of it, depending on the toppings you choose to order. With that being said, it’s crispy on the outside and supremely juicy on the inside.

The baby was delivered by Gojek, a local delivery service company that can be reached via their application, and it costed around 80k ish rupiahs, due to the extra mozarella cheese added on top, which is the perfect combination for the perfect late night snack.


I absolutely adore martabak mozarella especially when the time comes for me to get hungry and craving for something semi-light to consume late at night. Fair note that martabak are only selling during night time because it isn’t exactly the right type of food to consume during the day.

Here’s a bit of a warning, though: one is never enough. Once you managed to devour one, you will find yourself scavenging the box for another, and another, and another. It’s pretty much addictive if I do say so myself. Especially when you get your hands on that mozarella. Dayum, girl. It’s like fallin’ in love all over again.

I’d always pick the sides where the skins get all hard and super crunchy to chew on, that’s basically the best part of the entire dish. Everything about this dish is superb and miraculous. Even the meatier ones. The amount of juice you get after you bite on that piece is just, wow. Sick.



So yeah, this was not a very long post to begin with talking about this fat supplied appetizer. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this dish, but for your information, it literally originates from Indonesia, the very country where I happen to live in. I hope you guys would get around to trying it when you visit. And if you happen to be a fellow Indonesian, do tell me your thoughts upon this dish on the comments down below and let me know where you usually buy them in your city. Thanks for reading!

from a writer who also happens to be a foodie,

Janice K

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