The Midnight Star by Marie Lu Review

Published: October 2016

Ratings: ★★★☆☆

Genre: Dark Fantasy

A REMINDER: There will be both non-spoiler and spoiler reviews being written seperately throughout this post, so keep your eyes peeled once you have reached the spoiler section if you have not read this book and do not wish to be spoiled in advance.


As you all may or may not know, this book is the conclusion to Marie Lu’s latest Young Elites series, and I cannot put myself to tell you what she has in store for this finale because this is a non-spoiler section, but I’ll try my very best to personally review this book for you guys.

So if any of you are not fond of this dark embroidered tale, it tells a story of a young girl, Adelina, who happens to be a survivor, victimized by the blood fever during her childhood. She was left with silver-hair and a huge scar that covers the left side of her face which plays a huge role as a mark that defines her becoming one of the malfettos. Everyone around her couldn’t accept the fact that she was one of them so she one day runs away from her family. The story continues with her finding The Daggers, a group of malfettos who are gifted with god-like powers that welcomed and trained her to become one of their own. 

I think Marie Lu really had done a pretty good job with this series, though to be honest, I still loved her previous one better, The Legend Series, compared to this one. The conclusion for this series was a bit short, compared to the 2 previous ones, but was of course very well done when it finally reached its end. The plot kept moving at a very high pace that it made it so hard for me to stop reading one page after the other, as I managed to picture every detail of what she has written perfectly with her crafting the world to such realistic ways.

There was also one massive development on a character I previously hated that occurred in this book that shocked me to the point where I ended up rooting for that character instead. Adelina of course showed a dominant perspective throughout the entire book, and it was fun yet intriguing to read through her lens, even if sometimes I feel a bit pissed about her regarded actions.

To justify the means, reading this entire series was an absolute one-of-a-kind roller coaster ride that in my opinion, may not be found on other series to its very core. I really enjoyed it, though I’m not really the huge fan for dark-fantasy tales to begin with, this series had succeeded to foretell one fabulously.


The ending, you guys. I really did not see that coming, though honestly felt a bit dull. Still, Adelina taking her sister’s place in the Underworld was a complete touchdown to the ending of the series. I think it was such a selfless yet heroic act coming from a main anti-hero character of this series.

Now truth be told, I didn’t exactly care about Adelina dying in the end, because I didn’t like her traits and the decisions she’s made throughout the last two books, but I instead paid more attention to the sadness that overwhelmed the people she ended up leaving behind. Violetta. Rafaele. Magiano. It was super heartbreaking to see my favorite thief being left by the person he loved most, but it was indeed very sweet of him to cling on the hope that he may see her again through the bargain Violetta made with her god. 

I was upset about Teren, though. Why did he have to die protecting his former enemies from Underworld beasts and no longer continue on his quest? He could’ve stayed alive and return back to the mortal world because I wanted to see what he’s like without his elite powers. I was starting to like him, and even started shipping him with Adelina for saving her from drowning at sea, but he just. Had. To. Die. Ugh.

Moving on to Adelina again, I didn’t like her character from the moment she became the ultimate queen of the Sunlands in the end of the second book. She was in my opinion, ruthless, deceptive, unkind, and selfish that led her to countless regrets in the end that made me wanna slap her on the scar and yell “I told you so.” I’m glad she died to take her sister’s place, because I believe she deserved it for all the people she has killed and stepped upon in her past.

Violetta’s lips trembled with effort. “You cannot harden your heart to the future just because of your past. You cannot use the cruelty against yourself to justify cruelty to others.”

In conclusion, this was a very plot-driven series filled with drastic character developments that you may or may not find enjoying as you dive in deeper into the story, but all in all, it was very well written to the point that it’s still an enjoyable read. I don’t know about you guys, but if you enjoy dark YA fantasy novels, then you would surely no doubt adore reading this one.

I’ll see you guys very soon,


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