A Look On Ranch Market’s Threeosix Coffee

DISCLAIMER: This post is not in any way affiliated with the owner or a valid representative of this café, all thoughts are entirely my own, other than that, I honestly enjoyed paying a visit here and have nothing against the factual existence of this place.

It is another beautiful day to write about something as bittersweet and lovely as coffee, so right after our late visit to TGC Coffee Shop last Christmas, it was time for us, (read: me and my dad) to wander around another coffee joint that’s located not too far from our street, the classic and one of the most famous coffeemakers in town, Three-O-Sixty Café.

Becoming one of the few tenants located inside one of the most high-end leveled supermarkets in town, Ranch Marketthis café shop had managed to attract such tremendous traffic during their first early days of opening, having to sell their manual-brewed coffee, the usual espresso and shakes, and perhaps several mouth-watering pastries, which plays a role on becoming the vivid side-companion to enlighten a decent coffee lover’s heart. 


image4 (7).jpeg

Things got a little different when we first arrived. Manual brewed coffees were apparently unavailable, and there was a legit empty pastry countertop lying on the left edge of the bartender table. It was quite unfortunate to witness such an obvious blank space inside of a café that was supposed to provide a comforting yet fulfilling feel to their customers.

But that didn’t stop us from ordering other vacant condiments placed on the menu. My dad ordered a double-shot espresso and I ordered myself a hot-served taro flavored milk to warm ourselves up from the brisk temperature that continued haunting the rest of the evening that day.

image8 (3).jpeg

image5 (6).jpeg

The espresso seemed quite alright, and the splattered latte-art milk was fine, but there was a huge concern regarding to the service they brought upon us customers: there was no interaction. I think having to communicate with your customers is such an important task to bartenders that are supposed to work wholeheartedly inside of a café, a certain sincere-poured attention could become the main reason behind the success of a client’s comeback and satisfaction, whereas the opposite might enable the clients to think twice about sipping back in next time.

I actually liked the concept of this place, coffee that makes family, compiled with a serene, calm collected atmosphere that had successfully captured the intended alluring peaceful vibes that surround this café.

In the end, we were to pay for our orders through one of the open ranch market cashiers and was given two sheets of separated bills as vital proof to show them with.


image2 (7).jpeg


image2 (8).jpeg

Thus on my defense, this café had the potential of becoming so much better if it weren’t for the portrayed lack of friendly customer service beforehand and the bare truth of an empty pastry container that altered the whole process of my first personal experience exploring this genuinely well composed coffee shop.

I would love to come back some other time to recap another experience with a hope of getting a much satisfying one in return. All in all, this was yet another interesting observation to dwell in objectively. Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions down below if you think I should write more articles about my experience visiting cafés, as I would love to know. Thanks for hearing me out!

image6 (6).jpeg

Hope you all had a glorious weekend,


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