The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid | A Quick Book Review

Published: November 2016

Ratings: ★★★☆☆

Genre: Science Fition

QUICK DISCLAIMER: This review is not supported by any particular monetary funds, for it is only a rambling of my honest thoughts, opinions, and feels upon my experience of reading this book. 


A short recap on what the book is all about, regarding the fact that it’s a science-fiction novel, it tells from the perspective of a humanoid (diabolic) living in the far-loaded future in outter space called Nemesis. She was bought by a family of high-ranking to protect their dearest daughter, Sidonia. She would do anything, or in this case, kill anyone, for the sake of Sidonia’s welfare and safety. 

I suppose this was an okay read, in my defense. It took me a lot slower to get in depth and spirit to actually dive into this world because there were a lot of new terms that I needed myself to cope up with in which made me find it really hard to enjoy the story without knowing what they meant at first.

So after reading several more chapters along the way and trying so hard to contemplate on what they all referred to, I finally got it. I managed to identify what was going on, who was speaking to who, and what their roles were in the story. Perhaps it was me, not being a wide-eyed science-fiction reader, that made it a bit harder than it looks to read one beforehand.

This was a rather fast-paced story to begin with, even with the swift plot, it still took me a while to dwell on it enthustiastically. The writing of it was alright, I enjoyed it quite as much, and the character developments, especially Nemesis, was superb. There were plenty of political elements throughout the course of this story which was honestly one of the few reasons that kept me reading, because it excites me to see something like this happen, even in such a futuristic world where everything was invented, there would still be battles fought to attain a higher rank in society.

So overall I think I should find myself re-reading this book some time in the future, because I feel like there were dozens of things that I had unfortunately missed when I first read the book that I should be getting after re-devouring it once again. Who knows? I might give it a higher rating I’ll know it deserve once I get around to understanding it a bit better.

You’ll find me writing again real soon,


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