Kungfu Yoga | Movie Review

Summary: Jack has been acknowledged as China’s greatest archeologist who is now a university professor teaching his students the ancient history and legend of the Chinese-Indian culture. One day, he was expected to seek adventure on finding a lost treasure left beneath breezy mountains that lies between the two countries, with the help of his fellow teaching assistants, Zhu and Nuomin, but got attacked by Randall, a self-proclaimed descendant of the treasure who attempted on claiming the treasure for his own benefit when in law, it rightfully belonged to the government. The story continues with more jam-packed action, comedy, and historical artifacts that revolved around the Chinese-Indian history.


So yeah. To be frank with you all, this was truthfully in my opinion not the best Jackie Chan movie out thereI’m not saying that this movie was horrible, nor am I saying that it was good as well, but that by far does not entirely mean that I recommend you guys to not watch it at all. The plot-line of this movie was deliberately predictable in the most possible way, and needless to say that it didn’t exactly have the strongest maniacal villain it should have had to cope up with. 

I think it’s great that Jackie Chan dedicated this film as a tribute to both China and India which I assume helped educate the audience by making them view the majestic relationship between the two countries as a whole. I highly respect that, admired it even, because I too never knew they had such a powerful connection before watching this movie.

I unfortunately did not find the dialogues that were intentionally made to entertain the audiences by making them burst with laughter, hilarious. It was like they tried too hard, which bothered me so much from one scene to another, I’m sorry, though it might be suitable for the senior audiences that had probably seen Jackie Chan grow as an actor, but no. It just wasn’t for me.

One thing I liked about this movie was the setting of it. The movie showed such breathtaking views from 3 different locations: China, India, and Dubai. Everything looked super, the definition was perfect, especially when they were shooting in Dubai. The drones did a fantastic job on that one, for not only did it progress my minimized knowledge upon the traits of that surrealistic city, but it really drewled me to the point where I ended up putting Dubai as one of the many destinations on my travel bucket list. It was just ugh. So beautiful I just couldn’t even.

In conclusion, given the thoughts and opinions I feel about this movie, I would definitely rate this 3/5 stars, since it appeared that Jackie Chan really did his best on making the most out of himself, where most people would subconsciously retire on his age, it was a tolerable screenplay that would perhaps add up to his long list of slightly better ones on his portfolio.

That being said, have you guys tried seeing this lately? If so, then did you guys find yourselves enjoying it as much as I do? Comment down below and do let me know if you did!

You’ll hear from me again soon,


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