Ramblings. (1)

I’ve always enjoyed writing, maybe perhaps a lot more than I do speaking. My one ultimate dream is to pursue a career of becoming a writer myself, to write at least 1 or 2 books during a lifetime that would open up the minds of people reading them. I still don’t know what my books will be about just yet, I’m thinking of writing something contemporary, with a hint of political intrigue and a couple of social issues that’s not far from an average human (or maybe in this case, teenager) life. But let’s not jump in on that one just yet.

I love the idea of individual voices I often meet during reading books. I personally think that they were given such a privilege to offer something they single-mindedly possess inside bundles of papers that are yet to be shared and read by thousands of people who happen to come across buying it. Aside from that, I also admire the fact, that, they would get simultaneously paid for writing passionately about what they care most about, whereas some would write a courageous backstory of the person they once were, or an experience they once had to endure in their savaged past, a fictional story of a dystopian world that has these certain rules and regulations that are interesting and peculiar to learn more about, etc etc.

So if I were to choose between buying cute new outfits to a boutique and picking up new author releases in a bookstore, I would have no doubt of choosing a visit to the record store to find new celebrity albums instead.

Just kidding. I know. That was a terrible joke, so do forgive me for that, for I’m still working on my somewhat low sense of humor when it comes to things like these, since I am after all, a self-proclaimed creative writer on a self-made wordpress site.

In the end, I think I should probably stop writing this and continue this on my next post, which you should all be look forwarding to tomorrow? I don’t know. I’m the type of person who in life, outweighs them outrageous, spontaneous events over planned, sorted, and monotonously organized ones instead.

Guess I’ve said more than enough for tonight. See you guys on my next post!

from the girl who’s aware that she’s procrastinating in studying history,


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