Passion or Income?| Ramblings. (2)

When being asked about passion, my answer will always lead to one thing that’s pretty obvious, regarding the fact that I apparently own a blog that’s filled with posts I initially create and self-publish in a scheduled routine, and two WattPad novels that are in current construction, so yep, you guessed it. Writing.

The thing about writing is that once you find yourself overflowing with the pleasure of doing it, with every thought, every word, emotions, opinions, and stories being written on screen and/or paper, there will be no stopping you. Of course, during the course of it happening, you might experience several severe writing slumps, which would seem to appear awful, but perhaps normal in reality to actually occur, and believe me, it will happen, and it most likely will happen often, the thing is that, you’ll just have to more often than not find yourself getting out of it in an instant instead, and start writing again.

Moving on, I am indeed, very passionate about writing lately that it very much surprised me to endorse such a passion I never thought I had possessed before. Writing has this vital element to it that enchances the minds of people who enjoy doing them to the fullest extent that would enable them to pursue more, to have a say in a variety of interesting yet very important topics, to create a new form of art through either the simplest yet most sophisticated words, to spice up something raw and heat them up to something so well done and worth-reading. I would love to write everyday discussing anything I wholeheartedly place my mind and heart to for a living, becoming a writer for me is without a doubt, a splendid, passion-packed dream come true.

My mind has been debating a lot about this lately, earning money through writing won’t probably do me much, because well, to sadly point it out there, the amount of people who seek the beauty in writing through reading them are slowly decreasing. In other words, there aren’t a lot of people who spend their quality time reading and listening to what us writers have to say anymore. Not to mention the amount of competitive writers our there who are as good or aggressively better to have received both high ranks and recognition towards their career.

I live in a family where they fill me everyday with tremendous expectations towards my soon-to-be successful future (haha, Amen to that!), with that being said, my parents both expect me to embody a soulful talent in business, because they too have received remarkable results from managing theirs. It’s not that I have anything against the ideology, thus it is beginning to get very common for young entrepreneurs to have attained success in such an early age with positive high-end cash flow on the palm of their hands, I’m not going to argue much on that, but wouldn’t it be cooler if I could create the crazy same amount of income they received using my way? 

All in all, being confused and clearly having second doubts and/or thoughts towards a career path is very common for a soon-to-be-legal-aged teenager who sometimes unconsciously still leads herself to angst and rebellion on an oblivious daily scale of life. I know I’ll go forth on figuring this all out soon, so in the mean time, staying true to my passion and valuing the persistence to it, practicing over and over again to aim for bigger goals are what I’ll be doing to keep a graceful, yet passionate essence to this profound activity I happen to enjoy doing a lot. Then again, I guess we’ll have to just see what happens next and how far and intriguing this path would take me in on life.

So I guess that’s that. I’m sorry if you didn’t end up enjoying this post, I won’t be pointing fingers to anyone for not reading the whole thing, it’s just another self-explanatory ramble that needed to be let out, justifying the few means.

And he-hey, guys! Keep on a look-out for my next post (which won’t turn out to be anything like this, I promise), and please comment down below if you have any specific request for me to write about here, or any constructive arguments on the thoughts written above (if you happen to be interested enough to read it), as I would love to know.

from your stereo-typical writer/blogger/reader/dreamer,


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