Outlooking Brighter Sides

I must admit that I have been procrastinating a lot on productivity lately, considering the fact that it’s been quite a while since I logged in my last blogpost. With that being said of course, this should be just enough to cover up all the blank spaces of work that’s been unfortunately put off lately, I hope it’s at least as close to becoming yet another decent one that’s worth the read. Therefore, without further ado, let’s just go ahead and jump right into it.

To tell you guys the truth, things have been a real wreak of a havoc in my life lately, starting off with my grades that are slowly decreasing, my shipwrecked sleeping schedule, and all the responsibilities that need to be done through my mentally transparent agenda (as in, I don’t have one but do need so badly). I have to admit, despite all these thrown out chaos, I sometimes (well, most of the time) forget to zoom in the good things that come along with it, and complain instead of having to feel forced of solving the problems I face on a daily basis.

Regarding the fact that I still do my daily #BacaSek read, and is now currently on Exodus, where Moses had to face the Israelis who were pretty much ingrateful for the blessings they happened to receive from God, and was incapable of seeing the thoughtful intensive plans He had in store for them, I have come to reflect on a realization that, I too hadn’t been the most grateful of a person I should have been lately.

There’s this little voice inside of me that managed to remind the importance of staying content, of obtaining gratefulness over the downfalls and hardships endured in life, and maintaining a stronghold composition towards outlooking the brighter side of things even when all seem downright awful or just plain awkward. An important positivity adjustment needs to be made when it comes to facing these types of situations in life, that’s for sure.

Not only that, but of course radiating positive vibes should also play a huge role on receiving a better outcome of a slightly cheerier environment from the people around you, therefore allowing you to most likely feel at better ease instead of getting pissed on the things that could have been responded to a nicer behavior in general. The more you carry that joyful vibe of yours, the merrier you’ll turn out to become, trust me.

In the end, I guess those were the excerpts of the thoughts that have been crawling inside of my mind a lot lately, so I do hope that at least made a little sense to you? I’m sorry if it wasn’t long enough to shower you with inspiration and legit enlightment, but I would still love to hear your thoughts on this one down below, so please leave a comment?

I’ll meet you on the brighter side,


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