Coffee Time with the Lovely Amanda Kohar

As of being a local here in Surabaya myself, to actually claim that I enjoy exploring and figuring out fresh culinary experience is clearly an understatement, and what better ways to reflect upon doing so than to follow and look up at local lifestyle influencers themselves? Honestly though, let’s face it. Surabaya would most likely flip without their existence.

I was dying to learn more about them myself, so I ended up partnering with my best friend, Tiffany, and set us both on a meeting with the beautiful Amanda Kohar, one of our city’s most beloved lifestyle advocates, at National Hospital’s Starbucks the other day. We were super eager yet nervous before meeting her, and was terrified of our conversation running awkward and dry, but our expectations were completely altered by Amanda being all sweet and friendly throughout the whole entire interview.

Before I jump into anything else, I would like to throw in a quick disclaimer out there that this post is not sponsored or supported by any monetary funds, and is created for sharing purposes only. 

Okay so first things first, regarding our meeting with Amanda, she was totally different than what we had come to expect (and was a lot prettier in person). Other than her having a major flowing personality, she managed to impress us even more with what lies on her mind judging from the thoughts she generously shared with us. But before talking about all that, here’s a brief backstory of her before becoming the person she is today.

Amanda was born in a family that had huge expectations for her to pursue a promising future career in America, but she apparently had something else in mind. She didn’t feel like she belonged in the States, so after 6 months of living there, she decided to fly back home to look for better opportunities here instead.

She started off as an interior consultant on a local company, inside a much more supportive environment which did allow her to express her passion and dive in on her talent towards interior design in the most intriguing way possible. She also had very high interest in trying new things that are somewhat coordinated with culinary and fashion, that brought her to an encounter with the #HungryMakers. They are a group of people who are eagerly filled with anticipation and satisfaction that follows from the enjoyment of the hunts set on new culinary spots all over the city and then sharing them via social media.

Thus, as one thing led to another, the next thing you know, Amanda’s already working her way up towards becoming a phenomenal lifestyle influencer on instagram, endorsing a variety amount of online products, such as anything that has to do with clothing, food, beverages, accessories, etc. Not to mention posting promotional advertisements, soft/grand openings, events, and brief reviews upon newfound restaurants, hotels, salons, and plenty of other things there is yet to mention.





Other than having a spectacular career online, she also managed to accomplish a wide range of network through her field of work, one of which, being a community of people whom I previously mentioned, that enjoys eating together, posting reviews and photographs of them online called the #HungryMakers. Having to be introduced to them, she not only finds herself discussing about work, but also having great quality time with them whenever they meet up (which is almost everyday) that really made a major impact on tightening their bonds towards each other personally and yet, professionally, while also learning a new thing or two about food photography, food styling, etc.

Now personally, I’ve managed to absorb a lot of eye-opening morals by just listening to her story, which in my opinion had a lot to deal with self-discovery, partly perhaps because she genuinely finds herself choosing what she had to become in the end, instead of settling for it, which clearly marks a huge difference in between.

What’s really amusing is that, she gets to combine all her compassionate interests: interior design, food, and fashion, turning them all into an everyday job that is still most likely developing its way towards something individual and promising that lies somewhere in the near-end future.

I think that’s something you don’t get to see everyday, you know? People following their burning passion-filled hearts and allowing them to play a huge success role financially, while enjoying them as it goes. Amanda, being one of the brightest gems out there, has merely taught us that pursuing all that is still possible if you’re willing to have the guts for it.

Therefore, in the end she displayed a small yet powerful tip for us people who also wishes to accomplish a successful passion-driven career similar to hers, and that is: be originalFind your unique talent, make it spontaneous, and try not to measure other people’s work, then deliberately making them your own. Instead, discover your own path, collect inspirations along the way and combine all of that into one individual concept towards your journey. You are allowed to make mistakes, of course, for mistakes are undeniably the top-notch teachers out there who pulls you back up into becoming something better in the end. A cheesy bottom line on that is to be yourself, and embrace your differences, for in reality, this is what people are looking for these days: something different.


And to conclude this rare, one-of-a-kind post, I would like to offer my humblest thanks to the informant herself, Amanda Kohar, for her enlightening insights and personal experience upon her life becoming a highly-known top lifestyle influencer in Surabaya, and her time given to actually organize her jam-packed schedule to meet and talk to us, ordinary high school students, who look up to her a lot.

So thank you Amanda, for being such a kind and heartwarming person. We’re super sorry if we perhaps said a few things that were far from it being pleasant, but above all that, we hope this article would perfectly serve as a small token of our gratitude, for sharing all the inspirational things you said to us, thanks again!

May all of your journeys be nothing but success and happiness all through the way,


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