Redback Specialty Coffee, A Rising Star From the West

As always, though, a typical disclaimer before jumping into anything else: this post is only created to serve a genuine purpose in sharing, with a 100% honest opinion based on experience and no intentional monetary fund. Anyhow, I hope you guys will enjoy, so happy reading!

The reason why I wanted to write a post about this café is because truth be told, you guys, being a glutton-tied enthusiast when it comes to pastries, I’d reckon jolly flagging this place for serving the best pastries in town. But not only that, of course. Since I have been devouring their pastries for quite some time now, learning that they actually managed to open up a new branch that locates a lot closer to where I live got me pretty dang excited about trying it out.

Their new branch opened not too long ago, and have been kept busy by the never ending customers that never ceased to stop dropping by. The place was super packed by the time I arrived earlier, and it still was when it was time for me to go back home. I must say, the atmosphere felt 180 degrees different than their previously original branch back at Papaya Supermarket, except for it not being a bad way, but in a much more cozy-defined way that is equally as unique compared to the other one.

image7 (7)


image1 (15)

image2 (10)

As I began to line up to place my order, the thought of analyzing what lied around me was surely unavoidable. A series of customers enjoying their time chatting, sipping small cups of coffee accompanied by a platter of pastry beside them, laughing their way through, being lost in conversations, or just simply chilling while enjoying the moment. The way I see it, the view had so much sufficed to a high-end level of it being refreshing.

image6 (8)

image7 (8).jpeg

image3 (10)

I personally loved seeing how things are different here in the new branch, the concept of it being insanely huge and comforting made you wish to just wanna kick back, relax, and seize the moment to take in all to yourself. My dad and I managed to pick a spot at the outdoor smoking area where you can entirely witness a spectacular golf view, which in hindsight, not something common to get whenever you find yourself visiting caféin Surabaya.





Aside from all that, the pastries we got tasted spot on like always, just the right texture and crisp topped with the perfect amount of filling coming from both my danish au hazelnut and my dad’s almond-coated croissant. Redback really has a way with the recipes they throw in towards their pastries, so make no mistake about them serving the best rich-in-flavor and mouth-watering pastries in town, and for that reason, I highly recommend you guys to go and try any displayed pastry on the menu because they are once again, the absolute best.

Now to discuss more about the coffee, as I myself personally don’t happen to be a huge fan of consuming them, I’d say it worked out really good as well. Hence, if any of you guys happen to come around being coffee addicts yourselves, if you haven’t heard or been to this place, then yes. I encourage you guys to try having this place a go, because well the way I see it, the attitude they placed upon serving coffee here is quite different than any other coffee joints I’ve visited in town. They preserved a strong level of passion towards serving high quality coffee that can be seen through any naked eye, which definitely alters the experience of the sippers to enjoy them in a thoroughly maximized way possible.

image2 (9).jpeg

image10 (2)

image4 (8)

Luckily enough this time, I had the honor of speaking to the owner himself, Mr. Jimmy, who was also behind the coffee bar counter monitoring and helping his baristas into brewing all the non-stop demands of coffee made by his customers. He was very kind enough to answer all my questions, that again, I learned so much from just listening to, and elaborate on them as well so eagerly to me personally.

He told me the reason why he opened this branch in the first place, with an overwhelming concept that differentiated from the previous one being instant and practical, to this warm, calm-collected and comfy approach had originated from none other than his beloved customers’ feedbacks. I’m assuming that people wanted so much more than just great quality coming from the products being delivered, but also an additional soothing atmosphere, space, and location that perhaps needed to come along with. The fact that he highly took that in consideration and actually made that happen deserved more than a 10 minute standing ovation from the hands of a glorious amount set of crowds, because honestly, it acceded too well beyond expectations in the end. I believe this place will acquire such a premium and outstanding reputation in town, for they obviously deserved it.



The one thing that left a powerful impression on me behind the existence of Redback is the actuality of it being born out of pure passion. The owner, Mr. Jimmy, claimed that he had no past experience related to coffee and that he learned all things that revolve around coffee entirely on his own. Everyday. He is a high-level coffee addict who indulges an advanced knowledge and severe understanding towards coffee, who only wishes to share it with the people around him by opening this wonderful coffee joint himself.

Passion-driven and all, Mr. Jimmy sure did a splendid job of portraying as an excellent qualified living proof that having devotion towards something you love doing, and intending on no ulterior motives of quitting from it in the middle of the way, will beyond any doubt, take you to places you never thought of going from the start. Bottom line? Follow your passion and make sure it impacts the people around you. Dig deep and don’t give up or get bored too easily. But above all that, never forget to keep yourself a reminder to always stay humble. 




In conclusion to this post, allow me to place a special thank you to my dad for taking most of the aesthetic pictures above and for allowing me to use it on my blog. Other than that of course, Mr. Jimmy for the few extra minutes of sharing your thoughtful insights in the midst of your busy schedule, for answering my questions and most certainly, for the experience. You’re a super awesome person whom I look up to so much, so once again, thank you!

Also thank you so much for those of you who happen to spare a few minutes of your time into reading this post, I highly hope that you guys too will pick up several valuable things after reading from this post, and if you do, be sure to give it a like and leave a comment down below to let me know!

Until next time,


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