Zanana Chips | Review

Common as it is, I’m pretty sure you all have once at least tried eating banana chips before, now haven’t you? Good.

So I’m glad you guys took the hint, therefore today, allow me to introduce you all to these bad boys: Zanana Chips. Questions. Right. I’ll get on to that. But first, directed regardless of formality and all that jazz, let me give you guys a brief introductory paragraph describing what this product is all about.

Zanana Chips is indeed of course, very obvious, a local brand that sells banana chips. They vary in 5 different flavors (which you don’t see on average brands selling the same thing): Smoked Beef, Creamy Milk, Green Thai Tea, Classy Spicy, and last but not least, their best-selling hit yet: Brown Chocolate. They are based in Bandung, the proud capital city of West Java, Indonesia, with a selective number of resellers, distributors, and agents spread across the country.

Alright, so now that’s done. It’s time for a review!


Before I begin, I’d like to throw in a casual disclaimer out there that anything I mention here is entirely my own personal honest thoughts, feels, and opinions regarding this individual product. There are no association concerning the owner himself over bribing me into saying the good things I’ll soon be saying about this, therefore this post is as always, created informatively as a general tool for sharing. 

1. Taste

Just as I previously said, these addictive chips come in 5 different flavors, each with a much like unique flavor that will do nothing but make you keep wanting to grab for more and more of them within each bite. Coming from personal experience, when I first willed myself towards trying these chips, I couldn’t help myself but to dig in deeper through that packaging for another piece, then another, and then fortunately another, (I admit it took me a while to get a hold of myself and stop) because it tasted that dang good to be true. As a person who isn’t a huge fan of devouring these vitamin c-potassium-packed snack, I’d say these chips are good for a go.


Do I have a favorite? You bet. It has to be the sexy Classy Spicy for the win above all else. Why, though? Because ironically speaking, the flavor is utterly intriguing to the point where it isn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. There is quite a mixture done in there, of sweet, savor, and small hints of spice that made this flavor so interesting and unique to the point where it made it to the top of my favorites list. But if you’re somewhat asking for the frequently requested flavor for these chips, as a registered reseller of the product myself, then my answer would none other be Brown Chocolate. For it is in fact a lot more common for bananas to be associated with the flavor of chocolate thanks to its universal qualities. Everyone loves chocolate.



Aside from from the flavors being equally delicious and mouthwatering at the same time, the banana chips itself as well also has this individually unique texture and yet a promising taste that deliver a crave-filling satisfaction towards the person eating it. Including the fact that it’s crunchy and done so well that could make you not want to stop gulping in on them after every bite. Believe me, I tried. No worries about getting fat, though. Consuming these chips in moderation will most definitely not make you fat, for these chips are claimed and approved to (obviously) be made of real bananas, so there you have it: a guaranteed fat-free product to fulfill your banana craving appetites.

Zanana_Chips__Keripik_Pisang_ (1)

2. Packaging

2 straightforward words: “aesthetically pleasing,” is what I have to say on brief towards this unique, solitary product’s packaging in a nutshell. The yellow-ish theme that engrossed a distinctive idea of them selling banana-related snacks did so much to attract the prospective eyes that appear coincidentally seeing them into always buying at least one pack in the end. Love at first sight, that’s what I like to call it. Needless to say, this product had exclusively succeeded into gratifying the true well meaning of first impressions.


Not only is it eye-catching with its physically beckoning traits to the people who customarily viewed them, but the quality of the materials made for this packaging, though, smooth as a baby’s butt if I do say so myself. That’s not all, the packaging itself also has its smart, beneficial features, such as it being resealable for those who wanted to continue devouring it later without having to bother the product not having a maintained, fresh condition in the end. 

3. Price

They sell for originally 20k rupiahs, a standard regulated price that encompasses the 200 gram nett weight filling perfectly. Some resellers might sell them at a higher rated price, usually ranged between 22k-25k tops. So I highly suggest you guys into buying this product from their original online store to immediately obtain an original price with additional shipping fee if you happen to live outside of Bandung.


4. Overall

To cut short, this home-industry made product is surely a must-try for adventurous snack enthusiasts. A perfect combination to those of you who regularly pull out all-nighters, and entitles great company as a snack on a daily basis. If you love bananas, then I have never been more certain to tell you that you would most definitely adore these babies as well, perhaps more than you ever will in comparison to real bananas.


So I hope my review somewhat brought an input to those of you who happen to come around to reading it, as of course I highly anticipate you guys into trying it and letting me know how it goes.

Catch you later!



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