Friday Favorites | Cream-cheese Oreo Moonlight Cakes

It appears that I have been writing quite the series of food-related posts lately here on the blog. Is this somewhat a calling for me to pursue a delightful career in food-blogging, though? Who knows. There’s no telling what goes around in the near coming future, so fingers-crossed!

A typical disclaimer before moving on to anything else, as always, this post is in no affiliation with the owner of this brand giving certain monetary valuations for the positive things I’ll be mentioning onward. For this, like many of the others, is created as a purpose of sharing and of nothing else for the time being.

Well, you know what they say, “It’s foodie o’clock!” So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and dive right in.

I love love love love moonlight cakes. Also known as “Terang Bulan”, a popular Indonesian dessert that somehow resembles a thick pancake, with a variety of toppings to choose from and mouthwatering crunchy edges that somehow begs to be devoured immediately. 

This particular snack / dessert has stuck with me through a frigid amount of situations in life, but that’s not just it. Aside from the many reasons of why I adore these fattening devils, is that because it has such a stress-relieving flavor, it’s sweet, semi-crispy on the edges, and dang thick yet crave-filling on the inside, a little too much to make you believe that one slice isn’t enough, don’t you think? Let’s not forget the fact there’s a vast bundle of choices to choose from regarding the toppings, and nonetheless, an infinite possibility of combinations and mixtures of flavors to put inside of the flours that can mouthwater you to death. (if that makes any relevant sense, haha.)

image2 (11).jpeg

Their price usually range from Rp 60.000,00 – Rp 120.000,00, depending on what size, choices of topping(s), and cake filling flavor you’d choose to combine with. I’d normally go with the classic chocolate-sprinkles-and-cheese with regular filling and size during the good old days when they first started selling, but there was so much evolution going on through these guilty pleasures, now that they have a wider selective range of toppings to go along with, settling on taro-filling-ovomatime-cheese would perhaps be my latest pick for whenever I feel the need to crave and savor the divine taste of this evening snack on an average basis.

As for tonight, my parents brought in these visually pleasing babies back home, placed beautifully inside of an aesthetic packaging that so happens to be topped with cream-cheese oreo and chocolate flavored filling. Mmm. You can probably imagine how that would taste. Heavenly? Yes. Satisfying? You bet. Words can never describe my love for these overwhelming stress-healers, that’s for sure.

I highly anticipate you guys into trying this cream-cheese-oreo moonlight cake made by Go Brothers in Surabaya, I’ll link all their information down here. They have a huge selection of toppings listed on their menu, so yeah. As per usual, you guys should let me know how it goes if you got around to trying them, or if you tried any other brands that sell moonlight cakes in particular by simply leaving off your comments down below! I guess that should be enough for tonight’s post. I’ll see you then?

written by a food-blogger/enthusiast-wanna-be [03.17.17],


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