[REVIEW] Beauty and the Beast

There are a lot of Disney Princesses out there who never cease to impress me with their enchanting tales, but none can ever blow me away like this one. Belle. The most peculiar mademosseile. Seeing what filled most likely 80% of my childhood days on actual live-action screenplay was everything I could ever wished for. It was by far the very best movie I’ve seen in a while.

Well, then. Cutting to the chase, allow me to express my inner disney-loving-brat thoughts after finally seeing this long awaited movie through these narrations below.


Belle. Emma. Seems like I can’t really tell the differences between them anymore. I feel like I’m certain that nobody could ever beat nailing the role Emma played beautifully on this movie. Disney sure did a magnificent job on choosing her in the first place. Remembering the fact that I certainly did enjoy watching the trailer (and have shamelessly watched it 1283 times for sure), intrigued me into making a solid commitment of practically seeing the movie myself once it came out.


However, the thing about Belle, is that, she is very different than the rest of the villagers who live around her. She was smart, adventurous, blunt, and not afraid to share what she thinks is right to the people around her who obviously doubted her way of thinking. I obviously didn’t mind that she was a bookworm to begin with, as I too am one myself. So of course, I find it super easy to reflect myself whenever I witness Belle on screen, borrowing a book from the town’s small library, re-reading them, and hyperventilating in a room filled with books. Sharing the same love for literature, books, was one of the many reasons why I loved Belle as an overall character, that merely stands out among the others.


I can see that they’ve added minor additional scenes and cut several ones that were originally brought out in the previous animated film. In this case, some of which I wasn’t quite a huge fan of. Like the fact that they removed Gaston’s marriage proposal where he was supposed to barge in Belle’s house, and disrespectfully put his feet upon Belle’s table, was indeed quite disappointing, but nonetheless did not change the amount of love and explosion I felt the entire time I witnessed this entire screenplay on the big screen. I was really looking forward to looking at Gaston splashed in mud after Belle pointed out her disinterest on marrying him, but instead we get her refusing him in a much more ‘polite’ attitude after he asked her to join him for dinner.

Another highlight I managed to pick up after seeing this movie was of course, the music. I was a sucker for Disney songs, and even if they managed to add a few new ones that were as good as the other, I’d still be a legitimate sucker for it. I tried insanely hard and failed so miserably on not singing along to the first entitled song, “Little Town” which was by far my second favorite after (yep, you guessed it) “Beauty and the Beast”. I could totally see all the hard work and effort that was put upon the music that accompanied this movie brought with ridiculously talented compositions. I was crazy sad that they ended up not putting “When We’re Human Again” in this version, but still. Guys. All in all, everything was, well. Perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better result.


Now moving on to an unfortunately peevish area, I’m just going to have to be blunt about this. I hated seeing the disgracious slap that collapsed Maurice made by Gaston so carelessly. What I mean is, like, he is your somewhat desired future father-in-law, an important barrier you must come across gently to access a blissful marriage with the daughter you’re irrationally in love with, and you’re treating him like crap. I mean, who does that? I admit, that I did not see that coming, and was a little disappointed upon seeing the exampled display shown to most likely a gazillion children out there who adores this movie as much as I do. A slight input on this, Gaston should’ve just skipped with the slapping then nearly killing Maurice by leaving him helplessly out in the woods, and instead just move along with originally putting him inside an asylum carriage. Plot-wise.

The beast, apparently, they managed to alter the character itself being previously illiterate, to a well educated one in this live-action piece. Which was, okay I guess? I honestly wanted to see the scene where Belle was teaching him how to read but instead, a a well educated cursed prince is what you get. I honestly didn’t mind Disney altering this recently developed version, because it was really exciting to see that Belle and the Beast were practically on the same page, being this dynamic duo who are bookworms that adore reading so much.

Not to mention the throbbing backstories of both characters being depicted was one of the few spot on additions that they managed to bring up to the table-er, screen.


So by all means, if you guys have not seen this movie yet, then, what could possibly hold you from doing so? Go. Now. I promise, that if you happen to love this classic heartwarming tale as much as I do, then say no more. I can guarantee that, you would without a doubt, would be in love with this live-action masterpiece even more. Because, who knows?

There may be something there that wasn’t there before.

Au revoir,


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