April | A Fresh Start

Good day, everyone!

I hope you all are having a splendid one so far on this fine-looking April 1st of 2K17. They were correct of course, about time being without a doubt, humanity’s mutual enemy/friend, depending on how you choose to embrace it on a regular basis. And of course, it is entirely up to you to tame it by managing them wisely, so that it doesn’t end up “killing” you once you are to reach a certain upcoming borderline of it. In other words, authorize your time while you still can, by doing the things you love, for it to leave no trace of deep down-right regrets in the end.

I apologize if that previous paragraph made zero sense to you, but speaking of doing the things you love, I’ve been thinking recently. What if I were to do another blog-writing spree project on this forthcoming month? I kind of executed one before back in December where it ended up to me writing and posting 1 article per day, on exactly 5 days before Christmas regarding a variety of topics, which I will link down below if you guys are interested in checking it out.

But yes. I will be doing another one of those projects, starting today. So here’s how it’s gonna work this time:

I have gathered 20 topics to exclusively write about, handwritten on papers, and within each following day, I will trigger one of these paper-containing-topics, then just write about whatever it says. In the end, I sure hope to end up posting them here on the blog daily for the next 20 days to come.

A slight hint on a few number of topics I’m going to end up covering on this project, is that it regards mostly around: reviews, travel, books (obviously), personal thoughts, and far too many for me to keep continuing on mentioning.

However, yes. I am very much excited to start writing once again, with a fully supported daily format, and also super stoked on doing it for none other than a pure purpose of jam-power-packed passion. It feels so nice to finally start on a kick-up notch towards my writing game, and I surely have hopes for you guys to enjoy devouring them once I got around to start posting more frequently here.

And in case you were wondering, these are the links to some of the previous works I’ve done on my last pre-christmas project back in December 2K16, a brief throwback exampl of the things I’m mostly going to cover up through this whole challenge:

Day 1:

[161116 – 171116] Business Talent Exploration, Tangerang

Day 2:

Current Obsession: YouTubers

Day 3:

Motivation Wednesday: Steve Jobs Behind the Lens of a Non-Apple Owner

Day 4:

A Very Unpopular Thought On: Paris

Day 5:

Writing “Enamored” On Wattpad

Let me know down below what you guys think of me doing this sole-centered project. Oh, and care to throw in some suggestions regarding the topics that I should be discussing more about here on the blog? I’d really appreciate it if you do!

[The topic I picked up for today’s writing session told me that I should be writing about a review on the last TV show I put my heart, mind, and soul into, which I currently am working on right this moment. Stay tuned for that!]

from a blogger who aims to change a little bit of this world through the practices of her writing,


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