Sherlock | Review

Fair note: This is a spoiler-free review, so feel free to scroll on right ahead to read my thoughts, feels, and (hopefully) critical arguments I have upon this mystery, action, drama, & thriller packed BBC original. Enjoy!

The start-off episode of this series, “A Study In Pink”, was all-in-all indeed stunning. We get to see our main-lead-protagonist showing off his deduction skills towards the case brought upon regarding a similar lead of suicidal-coated murder. Episode 1 was surely the foundation that deserved such high praise for its remarkable introduction it brought to this show. A lovely kick-start to the mystery packed adventures of Sherlock & Watson that played along well.


I loved seeing the idea of this series taking place set in the 21st century London instead of using the original one that took place in the 1800s. Such a fresh new take upon seeing through Sherlock Holmes living his days as a modern Private Detective alongside his retired army doctor colleague, Dr. Watson. The thought of seeing modern London on screen made me wish as if I was there partaking the cases along with them.


Okay, another thing, though. Being such a fonder to blog-related-activities and writing, Watson being a blog-writer himself, had somehow allowed me to see myself inside of him. Aside from the fact that I am not Sherlock Holmes’ best friend and does not write about my adventures with him, and has a million times worse of a writing skill, attracting high-demanding public readers compared to his, it’s all good.


I loved how Benedict’s acting skills drove the audience into thinking that he is this intelligent character with such brilliant deductions that are so very much out of this world compared to the people around him. He is, with no doubt, the definitive sublime figure that fits the role of playing Sherlock Holmes throughout this series. Couldn’t have asked for a better well-played, fitting, yet talented actor myself.

The series just got better and better until they reached –

Season 4.

I myself was not a huge fan of this season due to several reasons that I shouldn’t be mentioning here to avoid practically spoiling everything in advance BUT I assure you, this is surely the TV show worth the while of watching. I sort of marathoned watching this a couple of weeks ago during mid-term and ended up enjoying it. You will find yourself wanting more once you finish watching one episode (duration around 90 minutes) after the other, and find yourself in a complete mindblown situation on how this series ended.


I got myself out of breath still wishing there was some sort of an additional cut-scene after the final credits of the last episode that would indicate a “to be continued” element to the plot but turns out-

It didn’t happen.

I guess I should stop here before I move along to anything serious like SPOILING THE WHOLE ENDING for you guys on this self-written review. Therefore, if you happen to have finished seeing this show, or currently sailing from one episode to the other, be sure to let me know your thoughts and feels about it down below! Also, if any of you have been looking for a TV show that would most likely shatter you to pieces and rip your heart apart, filling them with overpowering feels and obsession, then my oh my, is Sherlock the one for you, baby.

Okay that last sentence was so not me, but you get the point.

I’ll catch you on tomorrow’s blogpost, then?



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