Voicing Out On Gender Equality

I’m not one who usually speak out or defend any existing social justice issues there are to be acknowledged in this world, the fact is, I’m not even sure if I could be considered as an affirmed representative on doing so.

But I’m afraid that that’s going to change for tonight.

However, a classic fair note beforehand, I apologize if any given statement on this post won’t sound as accurate as it should be, for I am new at this. I would like to try, in addition towards stepping up my game a little bit by attempting to create content that values quite the amount of importance upon a bigger amount of people out there who also happen to be at one with the issue. It won’t take long. I will try my best to make this as briefly as I can. I promise.

Right, so focusing on the real deal here. The society we live in these days are still caught up on labeling the people around them with a solitude foundation of gender. Things like, “Girls aren’t supposed to make their first move!”, “A lad should always display a great deal of inevitable strength and show no weaknesses when being put beside ladies.”, or “It is especially inappropriate for women to play sports.”  are only a few over plenty other ridiculous examples out there that encompasses a drawn line that is believed, should not be crossed by each of the following opposite gender factions.

Come to think of it, I strongly believe that these irrelevant ideologies should finally be put to a stop.

It is okay for women to play sports where a major amount of the inhabitants are likely men. Girls should find themselves to feel free of expressing their feelings by making the first move without the scared, uneasy sense of being judged. Men should also allow themselves to feel afraid at times, without feeling obliged by the image and expectations being brought upon their gender.

The thing is, without any further apprehensive constitution, and with given opportunity, it is with great certainty, that I hereby stand on the true validated awareness of this oftentimes underestimated dispute. People need to stop. Categorizing personalized individuals, who are constantly born with diversity within themselves being based upon gender would bring nothing but restrained growth, and a dispose towards overlying sprouts of potential to merely develop.

In all seriousness, I sure hope that you too, would also take a stand on supporting this cause. That would be all. Thank you for your time on reading this. (I told you I’d be brief)

Let me know what you think after hearing my thoughts upon this prominent social matter? I welcome any constructive arguments or controversial criticism through the comments down below, as I’d love to know. 

I’ll write again tomorrow,


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