The Savior and The Blind Man

How do you start believing in something that a majority of people around you think is impossible?

The answer to that is quite simple, really: faith.

Today’s post coming from what I got during my weekly youth community sermon in church, Impactors, had managed to really equip me with something coming out of the ordinary, that I feel the urge to share with you all, whoever finds themselves reading this.

Let’s begin with a heads up coming from the Holy Bible itself, Mark 10:46-52.

The entire verse breaks down just about how Bartimaeus, known by the people around him as the poor, blind beggar who lives off the streets receiving healing from our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. Everything that caused him to finally lost his literal blindness was because he had one single weapon to bring along with him, and that weapon happened to be none other than: faith. 

Bartimaeus couldn’t see anything, let alone see the Savior who happened to arrive nearby in person as well. All he could do was listen. He heard plenty of people cheering for His name and felt His presence among them. He felt ecstatic by the fact that Jesus Christ, The one and only true Savior, who had healed so many, was there. It was by then he realized something: if so many people had experienced miracles from Jesus who has healed before so many who asked for it, then why can’t he do the same to him? Not even the annoyed crowd who yelled at Bartimeaus, telling him to stop, kept him from calling. Jesus then turned around, acknowledged his longing presence, and healed him. Just like that. 

52 “Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

I, personally learned a bunch of things coming from today’s sermon. Blessed upon so much by it, the preacher managed to have said plenty of things that I felt the need to hear the most, at this stage of life.

There will be times, where problems would take over a huge portion of your current living state, and there will be times where you may think that this is it. The end of the line. Nothing can ever come as close to solving it. Putting it to an end. When in reality, it is actually the complete opposite. Sure, you are allowed to feel depressed. Desperate. Confused. Upset. Every single feeling, that will often come across your path is normal. You are human and you are supposed to feel these things. It’s okay. Just remember to not overdo it. Please, get back up. Have faith. Everything will fall back into place as you remain maintaining a close, solid relationship with God, Whom will always, always, always provide you with faith.





Often times, during our downfalls, we are to go to places that are anything but Jesus. This probably is the one problematic attitude that needs fixing in order to receive an appropriate dose of faith. Go to Him. Ask for anything. A small reminder to keep what you want and what you need as specific as you can. For having faith towards receiving, would enable you to keep going for whatever lies in your forthcoming life ahead.

However, once you have received it (in which I believe you will), let’s of course not forget the people around us. The ones that need healing as well. The ones that are currently facing battles with a lack of faith inside of themselves, telling them that everything will turn out fine in the end. Reach for as much as you can, and spread the message across. Share your testimonies and experiences with God, and allow yourself to feel confident about it. Make your move. Experience change. Receive light. For I believe that is mainly the reason why our Creator brought us here in the first place: to impact the lives of others.

It has been quite long since I’ve last written something that is close to being related to Christianity, and I believe that the time has come for me to once again create content that would allow the people seeing it to at least gain a little something to bring in mind once they finish off reading. A very special thank you to brother Victor Indra for today’s preach! It felt empowering yet entirely inspirational enough to enable me of creating this existing blogpost. God bless you!
Featured image courtesy to –> my dad. Check out more photos of his recent trip here!

from the blogger who’s got faith as many as six impossible things before breakfast to most likely happen in her life,



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