My (secret) Wish(es)

Any of you ever had a wish you don’t talk about much to anyone in particular?

Well I’ve got 3.

Regarding to all seriousness and that, today’s post is something I don’t normally share to anyone, or rarely talk about, for that matter. So I’ve decided to combine these three wishes to create this blog entry for you guys, to at least learn a small bit portion of myself as a person. I really have high hopes on accomplishing all these in a single lifetime, so wish me luck!

Starting off with the first, (most) ridiculous and by all means, unrealistic wish when being compared to the rest of them is: becoming a YouTuber. A BookTuber, in specific. Books have played a tremendously huge part in my life, and having to become quite the bibliophile myself, watching the people on YouTube talk about their reading goals, recommending books, accumulating wrap-ups, book hauls, or just creating general book-related content on their channels really drove me to the point where I wish I could become one of them. I mean, they have a really huge (and still growing) community already being set up, and all they could ever want is to share each other’s love, passion, and interests towards books.

Perks are most of them receive plenty of advance reader copies of pre-released books from publishers, and sometimes get paid for doing review videos about them. You can actually build up a career from your channel by also becoming a rep of subscription boxes, sharing personalized discount codes and getting free monthly bookish boxes for doing so. The only reason why I haven’t started my own, is probably because I have insecurity issues with how I would look on screen, and most certainly not confident enough of doing so. But I suppose that’s quite a different story worth telling for another day.


On to my next wish, which includes an obvious element of item to which I adore most, and that is to have my own private library. I happen to find joy in collecting books, and buying them especially. I feel as if that I can never get enough of them in this world. I love reading, there’s no denying to that. But other than that, I too have this certain amount of love and satisfaction that originates after being able to come home from a bookstore with a number of fresh new books on my hands. Stoked upon diving into them real soon and placing them on myself along with the others. It’s really just something, you know?

Which is why, owning a library of my own filled with books I’ve read or have yet to devour upon have succeeded on making its way to this list. I’ve even made a solemn commitment of earning loads of money to use it upon bookshelves and well, of course, books. So yeah, I am that ambitious of actually making this happen.


“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

I have fairly discussed this matter before back in several posts back upon pursuing a career inwards writing. I am obsessed with writing and how I wish I’d done it a lot sooner back then. I have come to a realization that writers don’t really appear to have acquired quite the buzz they deserve from the society these days. I just wish that people would recognize this particular spark coming in from writers, knowing that they too are artists, who frankly produces their own version of art through words that form who they are individually.

Writing is magical. It gives you the ability to say what you want, done in a beautifully structured way possible. I, myself, possess this drawn urge of writing at least 1 book during my lifetime. I have not the faintest idea on what it’s going to be all about, but I sure am going to definitely end up doing it. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated until then.

Hooray for 3 secret wishes! I know, I know. They have this oblivious tether towards one another that highly regards my never ending obsession for books. There’s no harm done in that, though, is there? I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a little more about me through this current post, and to be frank, I intentionally wanted to throw in a couple more, but I guess 3 is already more than enough to elaborate in this single self-explanatory post. I might consider on writing another one tomorrow? I hope you’ll find yourself reading them again, and let me know down the comments below what your (secret) wishes are as I would like to know as well. Thank you for reading! ❤
from a girl whom apparently has too much to say on her mind,


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