A 3-Hour-Shift in Kabinet Coffee

Since a lot of you may or may not know where or what Kabinet Coffee is all about, allow me to give you a bit of a head-start before moving on to the things I’d like to share, and discuss with you all on today’s bona fide post:

Kabinet Coffee is a coffee producing company that currently owns 2 branches both in the west and east areas of Surabaya, East Java Island, Indonesia. This company has made a solid commitment of producing the best coffee beans originated in Indonesia. Spreading the love throughout the country itself, and anywhere else in the world to bring in mind. They have the ability of handling customers with the upmost care and high-rated service they’ll surely provide, once you finally come around to step inside either one of their coffee shops in town. Aside from selling coffee, they also address to plenty of other main courses, beverages, and snacks to choose from, for you to simply enjoy alongside the vivid atmosphere they develop, within each forthcoming visit.

Moving towards the shift, it all started with all of us students joining a barista extracurricular class in school, hosted by both the couple owners of this coffee shop beforehand. They have been teaching us for the past semester and decided to give us a shot at the real deal, by all means, a 3-hour shift of internship inside their very own cafe. We were divided into 5 individual groups. Each group consisted of 3-5 students, given a chance of handling the coffee shop for 3 hours straight, with 3 different job descriptions. 1 being a barista handling all sorts of coffee-related orders, accompanied behind the bar with the other one making milkshakes and ice-blended beverages, a cashier taking all the orders in advance, and a couple of waitresses bringing forth dishes from the kitchen and cleaning up after the customers. 

Our group consisted of 5 people, with 3 working behind the bar, and the other two being waitresses. It was an overall interesting experience to begin with, we were left with the 5-8 PM shift, where there were huge crowds of customers coming back and forth ordering all kinds of items coming from the menu.

I, being the one to take the orders got pretty confused at first, because I was not familiar at all with the products being displayed on set, provided with such minimal knowledge regarding how well or not they taste and the ingredients being put inside as well. Being a cashier was harder than it looked. In order to master the job itself, there is a need of understanding towards the system of the machine at hand. Everyone was accompanied by these two supervisors from Kabinet, so whenever there was a need for help, they would be ready to assist us immediately.

There were indeed challenges to face, as there was a fine line of customers requesting a crazy amount of orders, for it was nonetheless a dinner rush. Orders were coming up like crazy, and I suppose I made a couple or three mistakes along the way, pressing on wrong digits of the finalized cash given by the customers, and not proceeding on the orders I received to the bar section. I had to learn fast. It was quite the struggle to occupy such a job where you have the faintest idea on how things exactly work on field.

To cut short, here are the few things I learned during this newfound experience internship by Kabinet:

  1. Teamwork. This is a very important element that everyone must go through in many aspects of life, especially when working in companies, where there is a need of cooperation towards one another on a daily basis. One can never accomplish anything alone. There will be a need to adjust oneself to one’s surroundings. Acquiring the teamwork needed to face everyday’s problematic issues as a team
  2. Adaptation. One of the soft skills to survive working mostly anywhere, is the personal ability of adjusting oneself to the environment they’re currently working in. By all means, there are all types of people, a fixed system, a company structure that you need to be aware of, problems, and other everyday stuff one will have to go through in order to get food on the table. Stay alive. And please, get used to it not being always pleasant at the same time. 
  3. Customer service. Being a cashier, allowing myself to smile, greet, and take orders from the customers that are put in front of me requires a great deal of sincerity. I learned to speak in a well-mannered attitude in front of them, with driven respect and genuine satisfaction of their very presence, that was shown from both my expression and the tone of my voice. I know that this would come in so handy someday in the future, plus I’ve always thought of being a cashier someday when I little, so this was a very important role for me to personally take in and experience.



Overall, I had so much fun with Kabinet the other day with this interactive internship program they had for us in school. I took in personally a lot of new useful yet important things coming from this overwhelming experience. So, thank you, thank you, thank you Kabinet for letting us work with you! We wish you many, many, successful encounters towards your company in the expected near-end future.
Let me know if you guys enjoy reading posts like these. Feedbacks and suggestions are wholeheartedly welcome down the comment section down below, so be sure to leave them once you’ve finished reading! Have a good Thursday.
I’ll still be writing another article to post for today, so stay tuned to figure out what it is!


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