Caraval by Stephanie Garber | Review

Disclaimer: A reminder that all things being said in here are honestly written to justify the few means of my own self-regarded experience of reading this novel. It is a simply free will to like or dislike a book. By all means, having different thoughts, perspectives, and feels upon it, is q true beauty coming from this joyful community as well. Not everyone will get the same outcome coming from reading one same book. So without being further ado, let’s go ahead and jump right into it.


The one thing that attracted me into diving in to this book was because of all the hype it received when it first came out. I heard so many wonderful things, and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of it back then. 

After finally reaching its end yesterday, it was simply safe to say that the book did not reach the high expectations I placed upon back when I first started reading the first page of it. I was eagerly expecting riddles, cases, and all types of mischievous yet exciting scenarios to most likely happen throughout the course of the plot, and there were riddles of course. But not the ones I’d previously anticipated in going on for this story. 

The one thing I liked about this novel was it being super fast paced. It had such a strong and well-composed introduction, which indeed was intriguing enough to make the readers wonder what unfolds next on the next few chapters to come in this story. 

I loved the fact that a huge portion of this book highly encompasses a focus on sisterhood, which is actually an off key topic when it comes to YA books these days. Aside from that, it also had a huge romance element to the two main characters, Scarlett and Julian. Now, I personally wasn’t a huge fan of their relationship because I kind of think that, even if they developed quite well through the course of the story going on, their relationship still couldn’t give me the vibes needed to actually ship them wholeheartedly. If you get what I’m saying. I just wasn’t feeling it, somehow. 

Now, I truly understand why other people are madly in love with this book as it had such a beautiful writing, coming from a debut novel itself, Stephanie has this potential of crafting this magical, whimsy world of Caraval and the things inside of it that played along well in this first published work of hers. People who are huge fans of fantasy would surely enjoy getting lost in this spellbinding world of Caraval.

Since you all might have come to realize that I did not exactly put a brief synopsis in the beginning of this review, it is mainly because I’d love you guys to go into this blind, without knowing anything much of what happens inside of this book. I think the main reason as to why I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I wanted to, was because I knew too much from the beginning, and had frankly set myself upon expectations that were too high that unfortunately did not meet its way back after reading this story, so there’s that.

Overall, this book was by far one of the easiest books to read out there due to it being at incredibly high speed when it comes to pace. I recommend you guys checking it out, if you’re interested into figuring out what all the hype is all about. And for that reason I gave it a 3 out of 5 star rating, because in my general opinion, it was quite an okay read. You’re welcome to read more higher rating reviews about it on good reads if you’re still taking in consideration towards picking it up.

To simply put, I really enjoyed writing short non-spoilery reviews like this, a lot more than the ones I’ve previously written in different types of format in the past, for it’s simple. It’s brief, and it also delivered exactly the thoughts I needed to say coming from my mind. Let me know if you guys liked it better this way or if you prefer the ones I’ve written with fully organized format by sending me a comment down the box below?
Also, thank you so much to my friend, MH for handing out this book to me as a lovely legalized birthday present the other day. I enjoyed reading it so much knowing it coming from you. I hope you would also enjoy reading this review, as I found myself comfortable writing it as well.
I’ll see you on my next one,



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