My (secret) Wish(es) | 2

“No matter how your heart is grieving, 

if you keep on believing,

the dreams that you wish, will come true.” – Disney, Cinderella

Here I am back again creating another post upon sharing my (secret) wishes on the blog this afternoon. If you happen to have read the previous one, which overall concerned a huge element of my love towards books, then I hope I won’t loose myself again when writing this one, for it will focus more on the wishes that do not actually revolve around books this time. I promise. In addition to that, by all means of writing this post, I should want all these to come true someday, so to reiterate once again, wish me luck?


Remaining first on top of my 2nd list regards taking my beloved parents (and grandparents) on holidays to new, exotic, yet intriguing places they have yet to visit. I personally have first experienced travelling ever since I was a little ungrateful 5-year-old brat, and have learned to actually love it since then. My parents are the ultimate reason as to why I crave and love travelling to newfound places. Discovering new things along the way, and trying completely different stuff with the people I treasure most are one of the many reasons why I enjoy the true means of travelling with them in the first place.

In conclusion to that, it will be my turn soon to steer our togetherness wheel by placing responsibility on taking them overseas someday, just to simply repay the splendid sincere deeds they’ve done for me in the past, and bond with them throughout the journeys that should lie ahead of us. Shoutout to mom and dad, if you’re reading this, your daughter will definitely make you proud by doing so. ASAP.


The last but not least, is a wish I think that I would personally be glad of it happening, and that is to travel alone. I have yet gone around to plenty of spectacular destinations around the globe with my family annually for the last few years of my life, and I am very much content with where I’ve been, and what I’ve had come to learn and experience with them throughout every unique and unforgettable journeys we have yet to overcome. But my current wish (and life goal) is to explore at least 1 city. A strange, yet beautiful and diverse city to explore and get to know of for a month, more or less.  

I haven’t got the slightest idea as to what city I’m planning to explore in depth with, but when I do, I simply am excited to get along with all the preparations that include planning, booking tickets, research, and anything that has to do with pre-travelling, not to mention the journey itself. The adventures I’ll face, the contrasting atmosphere I’m about to breathe in, the locals I’ll have yet to meet, and the things I’m going to end up learning along the way. All in all, I can’t wait to plan on my first solo trip to a specific city and/or country to just get myself lost in them, then bringing something back after. 

I mean, technically, if travelling was free, you’d never see me again, and I believe that’s all there is to say about that.

Here’s to another continuation post talking about my (not-so-secret-anymore) wishes! I hope you guys enjoyed reading as very much I did writing it, since this list only consisted of two travel-related things, while I threw in three literature-centered ones last time. I’m super glad that I got to write the things I really want in life via posts like these. It’s super refreshing for me to really reflect upon what I desire most in life by writing like this, and believe me when I say that I’ll cast upon some more wishes in the coming future. However, I suppose 5 wishes will do just fine for now.
from a blogger who dreams a lot,


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