Nerd Talk

As for tonight, I will take advantage of my *spare* time towards nerd-talking my way to a current found interest in watching people talking about books on YouTube. I just couldn’t hold it much longer, for I have been dying to write about this for such a long time now. So therefore, without further delay, here are the few reasons as to why I love seeing these bookish individuals on YouTube often a lot:

  1. They talk about books. A very tactical first reason, books are in which something I don’t normally avoid keeping up with because, being a *slightly* fonder of books and literature, not keeping up with them doesn’t really seem like a choice for me now, is it?
  2. A reference towards doing presentations in real life. BookTubers are such tremendously experienced public speakers, even if in reality, they are to only speak in front of their very own recording cameras, you can still witness that they still are extremely fluent when it comes to discussing the things they’re most passionate about. You could really loose yourself in from just listening to them reviewing a book so intently for 15 minutes straight, and still not get tired of listening to what they have to say about it.
  3. Allows you to feel open-minded of the things (books) you love/hate in general. Being a reader, you are given a free will of liking or disliking the stuff you end up reading, which by all means, having all sorts of different kinds of thoughts and feelings inserted in regards of those books as well. Seeing multiple BookTubers do a diverse set of reviews of one single book really did the job for me. I can really see how a particular book is being specifically analyzed and devoured upon through so many lenses. It is quite fun to scan through one review after another, acknowledging the different set of opinions given upon them, ESPECIALLY if you have also personally finished the book yourself. Which in my opinion, is very much refreshing to listen to.
  4. Gives you a heads up on the books that the community hypes on about. Booktubers are the loveliest when they are to introduce anticipated new reads on their videos. They usually get advanced reader copies sponsored by publishers to personally film a video of them reviewing the actual book and then posting them online on the date that it’s been released. Hence, a fine portal for us viewers to really get a glimpsed insight on what people are reading among the community these days.
  5. Getting to know them by person. It is very easy to feel swooned by the way a BookTuber present themselves on screen. I, personally keep up with 5 different BookTubers who update frequently on their channels (in which I will list down below) due to each of their unique, individual aspects and personalities. You actually get to know them by watching one video after another, whether it being their taste in different types of specific genres, or areas of book-related-content they usually cover and discuss on their videos, and of course, their own interesting techniques towards sharing critical thoughts over book reviews, recommended reads, etc.

However, being that I personally subscribe to a huge amount of BookTubers online, does not change the fact of me ended up loving and really keeping up to a few ones that really caught my eye. I will link them down below with a brief explanation as to why I love seeing them as an individual.

Hailey in Bookland

Hailey was so far the first BookTuber I have ever came across to watch on YouTube, and I love and look up to her videos a lot. Her videos have this very sincere and honest vibes being placed upon them, and she has done each and every one of them with full-on dedication, which is really something I admire a lot coming from a BookTuber like her.

Peruse Project

Reghan is a sweetheart. I enjoy watching her videos and turned-on love for fantasy. A lot of her reviews seemed incredibly honest, very critical, and genuine at the same time, in which one of the reasons why I still keep her under my BookTuber radar lately.

A Book Utopia

Sasha is this fun, cheeky, outgoing BookTuber who talks with such high enthusiasm throughout all the videos she has posted. She is literally BookTuber goals. With the book she published alongside her best friend becoming a NYT best seller, and her career on YouTube, I would feel eternally blessed if I were to be let walking on her shoes.

Jesse the Reader

Jesse is my go to when it comes to downright creative presentations. I can’t even begin. The contents he posted are very much on point all the time. He talks so fluently in a way that is not monotone and boring, but interactive yet thought-provoking and is completely out of this world at the same time.

Emma Books

If it’s one thing I love about Emma, is that she has a way of making her audience really feel like the books she’s passionate about are worth the time reading. I adore her so much, she films by far one of the best critical spoiler-free reviews there is (especially when it comes to mental health centered books), and intriguing content that would certainly make you want to read the books or series she recommends to you on her videos. Trust me.

And that is it for tonight’s dorkish thoughts on BookTubers! I’m sorry if I dragged on a little too much about this small interest of mine in which I simply look up to personally, I hope you guys would also get a hold of something after reading this post? Let me know your thoughts on them, honestly. I would love to know. Questions, suggestions, or any other form of thoughts are highly welcome. I’ll see you on my next one!


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