Illuminae | Review

Prior reminder before anything else: Everything I say here are entirely based upon thoughts, feels, and opinions of my own. Do remember that each and every one of the readers of this book might not always have a same say regarding the results of their own reading experience, as I am here to write about my own. 

My first thought after looking up on all the hype there is on BookTube regarding this book was that, it would be impressive. Marvelous. Extravagant. The synopsis of this book really drew me into getting a copy of my own, and after finally finished reading it, I have really mixed feelings about it. Sure, it was as interesting as it sounds, but I kind of felt like there was this missing piece that I failed to grab a hold on while reading this book. I don’t really know.

The writing of this book was, unlike any other. I think the concept of this book being in a format of files, transcripts, images, and whatnot are what’s actually selling it. It was well put, and action-packed of course. The authors of this book, Amy and Jay, were exceptionally good at what they’re doing. The way they craft this futuristic world somewhere in the dark voids of the universe where a war actually occurs between two sides, is rather fascinating on its own. I admire the way they have multiple writing styles towards how they brought the story to life, and conclude things with images, illustrations, maps, etc. The atmosphere I grasped while reading this book felt surreal, as if you’re scanning through an actual file at hand.

The plot was kind of a let down for me, because I didn’t think I was in the right mood of reading it, considering the fact that I’m not a really huge science-fiction novel reader, and have read very few of them in the late period. My one complaint was that the words and format were laid out to the readers so diversely, it sometimes confused me of what was actually going on at the time, who was which, and what was where. I get that there were two ships, being Hypatia and Alexander who are indeed on the same side facing the evil Lincoln ship that were on its way towards attacking them. I was a few times lost, as the story moves along, but caught up pretty well after a continuous read of the few following pages.

The characters are whom I adore most in this story. Kady and Ezra. I ship them very, berry much as I look forward turning the next pages to read their hilarious set of conversations through chats. I admire that, they worked a lot of things out, even after a tremendous amount of time not seeing each other as they are located in separated ships. I loved reading Kady’s thoughts as well, for the readers get to see how she developed so much from way beginning of this story until the end of it.

Overall, it was a very interesting reading experience that took me quite forever to finish. But I’m still looking forward towards learning what happens in the next book, Gemina. Which I will probably find myself reading soon, for I already own a copy of it. So that’s a 4/5 stars from me!

Well, this was short. But I think I can manage into doing my future reviews similar to this one, it having to showcase what I think of the book in multiple briefly-put paragraphs. I personally liked it, and I think you all should give it a go, especially if you’re a wide sci-fi reader yourselves. But if you have, please let me know what your thoughts are on this piece? Have you read the next one?  Leave a comment below, you guys. I won’t bite 🙂

from a girl who casually reads,


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