Another Fresh Start

Here I am, laying in bed feeling sick as a puppy, accepting defeat as I acknowledge not participating today’s 50-multiple-choice history test in school. I feel the reason for all this is because of the mere fact that I have been forcing myself too much lately. Physically drained, and yet there’s still a whole bunch of things left to execute, regarding school, competition(s), etc. I woke up this morning sensing several bad symptoms following my body’s current awful condition, with a fear as if it was going to continue on further if I were to compel myself facing school again today. So to put on short, I called in sick. Addressed myself to my laptop to maneuver whatever the few changes that needs to be made towards my nearcoming economy presentation, and took sincere care of myself by eating this morning’s breakfast.

Last month has been quite the writing month for me, considering that I’ve written and posted quite as much as 14 posts to begin with. 6 posts short to my previously planned goal, but hey, it wasn’t so bad. I kind of actually am proud of myself for the amount of productivity laid upon the table last month, despite all the busy schedule I was currently struggling with, I have simply learned to find the time to pursue sharpening my writing skills as a result of posting that many a month. (in which I have actually never done *pats self on the back*)

On the contrary, I have been meaning to also keep track on reading the books I’ve purchased this month, which are shown on the image above, for I have only read a total of 2 books during the previous one. Not my best reading month yet. All of which, I already had a review going on and about, I’ll link them below for you guys to check them out. I’ve got a pile of books that I’m already super excited to read this month, but I will not give myself in too much this time, with all that’s going on around the clock, reading two books would surely be that small miracle I get during months like these.

Also, I may not be writing as much the following May as I have previously done in April, but let’s not root for that conclusion just yet, now shall we? I’ll always squeeze in time for writing, for it is something I really love and absolutely passionate about in doing, since it often times become such a refreshing activity to do during my spare time. Wish me luck? 

much love,


Caraval by Stephanie Garber
Illuminae by Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

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