Beauty and the Beast: Lost in A Book | Review

The story follows Belle, the original Disney classic, being already held as prisoner inside the Beast’s castle. Given the opportunity of exploring the Beast’s gift to her, being his very own library, Belle soon finds herself literally lost in a book entitled “Nevermore”. It having a superior tether towards magic, enabling Belle to experience such a wondrous world filled with everything she has ever dreamed of that made her wanted to stay forever. Or will she?


Remembering that I am such a huge crybaby fan myself when it comes to anything that constantly relates to Beauty and the Beast, has led me into buying this retelling as soon as I heard and saw it being mentioned on Hailey’s channel. I know it wasn’t going to be the book that could perhaps blow my mind or anything for that matter, but I decided to pick it up anyways. After all, reading this really pushed me back up from the slump I’ve been holding on back then as I finally got myself to finish reading Illuminae.

This novel, guys. It was very cute. A fun lighthearted read that constantly brings you back into the realms of your old disney childhood feels. The setting of this book was based upon the original story itself, but was told in a very different yet relevant way that may leave the readers curious on what was going to happen next. Even if you are slightly older than you should be as you read this novel, it would still appear super interesting to see a character from your childhood being brought to flesh in words through a literature perspective.

I seriously adored reading this, the writing of it was super concise as you move from one chapter to another, the story itself flew through as it takes you on this enchanting story located in the very heart of France, that is very much similar to the original setting itself. It gave in this new side of Belle, where we all may see her as an independent, selfless, strong, and realistic person on Disney, finally showing off her doubt and immaturity throughout the course of this novel. Which in my defense feels very much human, for I myself identify a lot with this character trait of hers. (other than the fact that she’s a bookworm who reads a lot of course)

“Home is all the people, all the places, and all the things that you love. You carry it wherever you go. Don’t you know that?”

We also follow the whole Disney cast as the story moves along quite so briefly, that may bring back memories and feels to the people that lived through watching Beauty and the Beast their whole lives. The characters were just like the ones you see on set, having similar traits that had successfully identified with the ones in the original story as well. I enjoyed reading from them so much, especially the Beast, whom to fairly put, lacked the development he may have deserved, in which I have also been anticipating on, but all in all, it was still a joy to reflect on the characters that more often than not, complete the story as a whole interactive pack on its own.

My one complaint was that it didn’t necessarily have the best ending to conclude this whole story. I just didn’t click at all with it, no matter how much I loved the idea of new characters appearing here and there along with a whole different yet still related setting in Nevermore, the ending didn’t really give an impression for me, as it also capsized my expectations towards it being properly written.

All in all, this was a very fascinating yet entirely smooth read. Perfect for those of you who are in need of a cure from a reading slump. It didn’t very much play the role of a book that casually sticks with me for a very long period of time like several books I previously read that actually did, but still, there were absolutely no regrets in regards of picking it up in the first place. (also the cover was yet super intriguing and aesthetically pleasing so I really had to go get one myself) So that leaves it to a 3,5/5 stars from me!

There wasn’t really much to say in regards of my reading experience towards this book, other than it being refreshing and a casually super fun read, so I apologize for the non-lengthy post I’ve got myself written and posted for today. But still, let me know your thoughts if you have read this book yourself, and feel free to leave them down below for me to see 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by. Au revoir!

from the most peculiar mademoiselle,


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