Standing Up

A brave, heroic figure that happens to identify with a minor-populated society already seen swimming in a tank full of sharks, armed with faith in regards of taming them. Truly noble. Truly irreplaceable. A one of a kind human being that allows me to believe that such mere kindness still exists in this cruel, destructive world. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. 

So, honestly? I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Ahok being convicted to jail by supreme court in the name of ~”political justice”~ has got me thinking, that the fate of our country lies within none other than our very own hands. The future generation that will soon justify the few means of our country in the near coming years ahead. Small, significant voices rising, striving to be heard, yet so many more that barricades them from unraveling.

Here’s the one thing I suggest of what the nation is now currently lacking: peace.

It’s quite easy to see that there are quite a number of citizens who are more often than not unaware. Too caught up in their own good to listen, to scan through what the other party has to say to a constantly better welfare regarding the nation itself. Labeling a stunning leader’s background awfully without first examining the good that lies underneath. A typical side of humanity that never ceases to dim.

As for myself, do note that I am not here writing to stop them from co-existing among the plenty open-minded fellows out there, for the purpose of this post is to simply gather. 

Gather the people who happen to find themselves reading this and remind them, that changes can still be made. There is still hope, if we’re willing to fight hard for it, and then transforming them to reality.

You do not have to take in Ahok’s brave footsteps in order of doing so, nor create huge mind-blowing mass movements in Jakarta as a token of contribution. Start small. Pray. Acknowledge your country’s political surroundings. Look up to the leaders that God managed to place upon, and believe in them. Indonesia has such vivid potential, that’s dying to be lit by incredible voices that are too often discarded in the name of, once again ~”political justice”~.

May God bless those who stand up for the stronger well-being country our nation longs to be.  

“Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.” – Proverbs 22:29

from a writer,


So I tried writing something in which I happen to believe is out of my league. I simply do hope for nothing but goodness coming out of it. Being an Indonesian myself, I suddenly felt the urge to as well submit a voice on the table. So if you have somehow find yourself reading this. please feel initiative towards fathoming your thoughts about it down below. I’m all ears.

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