May Favorites | Songs

I haven’t quite written anything here in a while, so now that I finally find myself some time upon doing so, I thought I’d throw in some songs I am obsessed of listening to lately. This won’t be long, I promise, considering the fact that I’ve never actually written posts like this before. Do note that some of these songs I’ve chosen aren’t exactly new up-to-date releases to begin with, moreover they’re like a compilation of stuff I listen to often, which are either very important or relatable to me personally. And so, with all fingers crossed and whatnot, here goes nothing!

Alexander Hamilton – Hamilton: “An American Musical”

A song to remember, in desperate times where me and my team of scholars studied this for the annual World Scholar’s Cup. Genuinely catchy and informative at the same time. I admire this piece so much for the take its got on classic, and modern music being composed together creating this remarkable piece. This song will definitely stay on the top of my all time favorites list in a very, very long time.

Almost There – Princess and the Frog

Such a dear song to my heart, coming from something that has been sticking with me since childhood, the movie itself was by far one of my all time favorites by Disney. The one thing that stood out for me the most from this song is the way Tiana sings about her dream of owning her own restaurant, not having time for anything else but to pursue it. I love the way she collides it all through this song, allowing the viewers to learn that hard work is needed to accomplish big things in life, and that there is no elevator to success. Taking small steps on stairs is what you gotta do in order to reach them.

Beauty and the Beast – Lindsey Stirling

I am in love with how this turned out. Lindsey has surely done it again. The medley came out perfectly, and screw me for being a sucker for both Beauty and the Beast and the sound of violins, this was a masterpiece. I love every second of it. Brilliantly well played, pure magnificence, and down-right magical in the best way there is.

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld 

Probably the only updated release on this list, also the most important one as well. A very strong message that needs to be brought up to our generation these days, that every girl always has something to offer. They’re strong, beautiful, intelligent, and all that. Every single woman in this world is unique, no two are the same, but it’s really okay to have someone to look up to. Changing the way you are (as long as it doesn’t harm you on a certain dangerous level) is perfectly fine as long as you feel great in your own skin. Plus points for the genuine construction of this song that managed to work out so well for the message to spread across.

Someday – Michael Bublé ft. Meghan Trainor

I happen to adore sweet, lighthearted, and easy-going music like this one. So I’m sorry, this just had to be on the list. I couldn’t really stop listening to it on repeat since it first played out for me. It really lightens up my mood in some way, remembering especially for the fact that it’s a collaboration between two of the biggest and influential artists out there in the industry. I just. I can’t, guys. This song is just too cute.

Yep, so those were the 5 songs that I am currently obsessed with for a number of subjective reasons. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them, and tried listening to a couple or three of them as well, to really get a glimpse upon my so called ~mainstream~ taste for music. What are your 5 favorite songs on your playlist this May? Hit me up on the comments below because I am in need of new recommendations for now apparently. I don’t know. But anyways! Exams are approaching and gazillion things had to be done here and there for me to not have enough time writing these days. I’ll try my best to get back on track when it comes to it, for I have quite the number of ideas that are just dying to be burst out here on the blog.
Have a joyous weekend, everyone.


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