Ways to Stay Educated

Happy June 1st, everyone!

As an introduction, today I’m about to tackle in something that may seem common, but still, plays yet a fantastically prominent role for each and every one of us as a whole, which is none other than: education.

Now, I know a lot of you reading this either may have graduated from college, or is still on the verge towards graduating some kind of education level with the system your country’s government has managed to set and bring upon to general. As, I’m here to say that, guys, staying educated is crucial. For there happens to be several- no, a bunch of important stuff that our teachers in school never got the chance to teach. Education literally comes from a variety of places, that you just have to look hard and squint your eyeballs hard enough to see through them.

Small disclaimer before I go on, I’m not writing any of this to disregard or set aside any form of education system in schools anywhere, for it is highly important to keep yourself educated through that (no doubt) legitimate platform. I’m here to simply break down options on how you should treat yourself a little, through different tools of education that can be found in probably, the most unlikely places, and how you should digest them enough in order for you to receive additional insight along the way.

I’ve decided to compile a list that includes 4 ways on how you can and should keep yourself educated, theoretically and realistically. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and jump in!

  1. Reading literature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an encyclopedia, a thesis, or a dictionary, that contains a gazillion facts for you to actually get the juice. You may always start small, treat yourself with a light-hearted YA fiction novel that travels you to different worlds and places, introduce you to characters who will most likely shower you with the things they know, or a historical fiction that takes you to a certain period of time where you will simultaneously learn history, or something motivational that hits you hard where you’ll be filled with though-provoking ideas, etc. There is always a hint of knowledge to find in any form of literature you’re reading, and as much as it may take a little longer to find it in one book when comparing it to the other, reading will still be a worthwhile portal towards getting yourself educated in your spare time. 
  2. Getting frequent updates from the media itself. This applies to newspapers, news, talkshows, etc. I like to think that keeping yourself updated with the world and its unpredictable surroundings, could really get you somewhere. Knowing what Trump is up to on the other side of the world, and how the economy in China is doing to change the few fouls in the business world, should most certainly come in handy. It doesn’t help you enough to only master theories brought to you through subjects in school. One must simply open up to acknowledge the vast majority of the surroundings being placed upon them as well, in order to live, and adapt properly inside of it.
  3. Watching YouTube. Now this, is a little something I like to call splendor. I personally like to use YouTube to watch channels that intentionally provide videos that can literally educate you. For instance, channels like VoxCrashCourse, and TED-Ed are my top 3 favorite channels to watch when I am in thirst into learning something new and completely out of the blue. These type of channels provide you with a broad spectrum of knowledge through animations, lively concise narratives, that will encourage you into knowing a little more of the world we know everyday.
  4. People. You can learn and tell so much from a person by just getting to know them personally. Not only does socializing helps you with moodboosting, but in regards also allows your mind to explore many different styles of thinking, embrace diversity, and as a result can be put in to good use. Which is why it is important for you to circle yourself with the right people, in order to receive the right amount of “education” as well.


And so there goes my version of ways to stay freshly well educated. Let me know what you guys think of it as you throw in some comments down below? I know this post lacks a lot, considering the fact that I have not quite yet written anything like this in a long while and that my mind has been quite a mess lately. Hope it’s at least close to being tolerable enough to read somehow. But of course, I’m glad to those of you who managed to make it this far! I’ll try to write more promising content in the following new posts to come. See you guys in a few!
from a girl who loves learning,


4 thoughts on “Ways to Stay Educated

  1. Aniek says:

    Well thought, Janice. Glad to know that you are interested in education. Keep posting your wonderful ideas. Stay blessed…


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