A Writer’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

Before I ask of anything else that may sound serious and/or demanding, I would like to first thank You for Your presence among me and my family today. Also, thank you for letting me live by yet another glorious day. Thank you for all the food, beverages, shelter, and all things sanctuary You’ve managed to send across that has yet again, supported me physically alongside today’s activities. Thank you for Your genuine kindness and protection that blankets me as I go. The outgoing ideas that pop up through the most unexpected timings. The safety and the wellness of the ones I care for and love the most, and Your blessings.

Thank you for allowing me to live in such a beautiful city that locates in an even more beautiful country regardless. Hear me as I pray for the leaders of this country, to simply direct this nation to a path that calls for something better, and for the citizens that stay, to also possess the right means of ideology that acknowledge and send support to their superior political leaders as well.

I send my prayers to the people who may have lost their beloved ones from the tragedy that has happened recently in London. To the victims of Manchester, my thoughts and prayers are with you all as well. Please let them suffer now for the better promising sake of the future You hold upon them. 

Sending prayers as well to Ahok, a refined gentleman of our country who deserves better than being an accused criminal behind bars. I thank You for sending all those people around the world to root for him, as I pray for him to stay strong and true to his belief. Always.

I am especially grateful for the achievements You have managed to bring upon me lately, academic-wise. I have never expected to have received such a surreal blessing from You coming my way. Also for the permission to represent my school alongside my two incredible teammates, in a prestigious international-level competition, and actually bring back an unexpected accomplishment as a result coming out of it in the end. Please help me to still value humility above all that has happened, and allow me to assist those who are in need of help as much as I can as well. 

I’d like to cast prayers upon my family, whom I love and treasure the most in this world. Mom, dad, Daniel. I look forward to spending time with them on our annual upcoming trip abroad, like we always do. Thank you for the provided time being used to spend quality time with them. I value those moments a lot. I pray for our togetherness, and to our many, many shared laughter, tears, trials, and tribulations that has yet to come as we settle them, hand-in-hand, as a family.

On behalf of that, I will surely not forget about my grandparents. Both of them, who are each currently struggling with their battles. I pray for each and every one of their safety, health, and their welfare in general. Help them to surrender all of life’s problematic issues into Your hands, and let no evil spirit knock them off of their constantly growing faith.

I pray for my friends, those who are either in or outside of my class, for their safety and their health as well. Please let them become the best version of themselves, to bring impact to those that surround them. Permit them to make the right decisions, and do not let them fall into darkness. I thank You for my best friend(s), who might end up reading this. I pray for them to always keep in touch with me, and to as well preserve an intimate relationship with You, God. Help them to find their ways into a promising future You seem to have set upon them, and please guide them with Your all-knowing ways.


I apologize for all the wrongdoings and negativity that might sometimes come out of nowhere. Also, for the less time being spent praying to You lately. I’m sorry for sometimes not realizing the awful things I’ve done, and for not thinking before I speak. For not being grateful of the person You’ve set me to become. And for the rest of my committed sins in the past few weeks, really. I believe You are a God of compassion, who never ceases to forgive Your people, and that I know You will forgive me, being one of Your followers as well.

So as this prayer comes to an end, I can assure You that all my faith, trust, praise, and worship will end up not.

Surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. – Psalm 23:6

In Jesus name I pray,



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