Why I Write

Yes, writing. I do get a lot of questions from the people in my society, whom I suppose, lacks a huge amount of interest towards this hobby of mine, and often asking me why I do it.

So, why do I write?

Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Writing, is something I have managed to grab a hold of ever since I was a little kid. The 10 year old me used to join this journalism extracurricular activity at school where you were casually supposed to throw in opinions, stories, and/or experiences that ended up being published in the school newsletter. I was first intrigued by the pleasure I get from doing it. How cool it would be if I were to own a blog of my own where I can supposedly pour down all different kinds of thoughts, feelings, opinions, or generally anything I put my heart and mind to with all the people reading it, as well as finding themselves to enjoy reading what I wrote. It all seemed pretty profound to me.

I’ve had diaries before. Several ones in which I ended up stopping due to my immature self having a lack of passion to it, I guess. Sucked, I know. Journals I never got to finish, and entries where I skipped days of writing because I felt quite a bit of a slump towards doing it. It was an all-in-all long journey to actually get to the point where I am now, specifically, being much more productive writing-wise by frequently posting entries here, at my blog.

Now, the main reason as to why I wanted to pursue further into writing is mainly because it’s an essential space where I am very much free to express, share, and spread across messages through forms of words. Communicating has never been this easy, to be quite honest. I can assure myself, that up to this point, I’d still be better at writing the things I want to say, rather than saying it alone in real life. I could make out a splendidly done structured debate script, but instead is unable to confront my opponents with a classic impromptu speech. Still working on that, though. I’m getting there.

To me, writing is kind of similar to art. It’s like your painting all sorts of things you feel inside of you, then simultaneously pour them out using words, instead of paint. That is how I personally feel about writing. However, I’m secretly hoping to meet more people out there who enjoys writing as much as I do, perhaps? Frankly enough, because there’s not a lot of them to be found here where I come from. Which is kind of sad, but true. Well, until then, I guess I’ll just have to keep myself occupied with writing to wait and see.



In the mean time, this marks the end of my 4th post that I have successfully written in the month of June! I’m aiming to write more whenever I can before my upcoming trip to UK, and have scheduled so many new exciting topics to tackle on here on the blog. I hope you guys would look forward into reading it. Stay tuned! 

sincerely yours,


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Louise says:

    We have the same thought about this one ! yay! 😀 I had almost the same experience specially with journals, blog has been my wonderland and I hope that it’s the same for you, and for others out there, God bless on your blog! 😊


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