25 Self-Reminders

  1. You are loved. You are blessed. Don’t even think about anything otherwise.
  2. Pray often. Worship frequently. Never stop praising. Remember that God is with You, through all of life’s never-ending trials and tribulations. 
  3. You are enough. Growing takes time, so instead of whining on how swift everyone else is actually doing with their process, you should just start focusing on your own. 
  4. Everybody makes wrong decisions that somehow end up navigating them towards the right path. But that does not necessarily mean you allow these wrong decisions to be made on purpose, do try and speculate each choice thoroughly before you commit your move.
  5. High school is tough, but you’re tougher.
  6. Quality wins over quantity, Jan. Please value this in mind as you live on.
  7. Eat dinner, it’s surprisingly good for your soul. And delicious as well.
  8. Move a little more often than you should, your body needs it. 
  9. Sometimes you ought to let time do the healing, you’ve practically done this before so there’s no denying that you’ll end up doing them again. Stay strong. God is with you.
  10. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s totally fine to piss over someone’s wrongdoing that is directed at you, just as long as you don’t treat them back alike. Be nice. It’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
  11. Don’t ever loose sight of the people who care for you the most, for they are the ones who got your back, no matter what happens.
  12. Try your best to stay out of your comfort zone. Achieve what you can achieve. Be goal-oriented, not ambitious. Please don’t let them get to you, just keep moving forward.
  13. Write. As often as you could, as much as you wish, and as diverse as you like. You have the potential to inspire them readers who read your blog, and you know it. Your voice matters. Your story matters, and it certainly deserves all the attention it could get. Don’t you dare give this up.
  14. It is okay to not be okay, Jan. Drink water, lots and lots and lots of em. Eat junk food, marathon a TV series, read a dangflabbit book, blast on loud music, or write. Anything, as long as you find yourself in a consciously better state of mind in the end.
  15. The key in life, is to stay low. Acknowledge compliments being given to you, then nod and thank the people in return who give their time towards sharing them, and link those awful comments as fuel towards becoming a better you.  
  16. Be creative. I know you’re not very much good when it comes to arts and craft, or perhaps aesthetic handwriting and/or lettering, but you can always try to apply your ideas elsewhere. Like, writing for instance. Or taking pictures. Be it whatever you like.
  17. Improve yourself a little everyday. Learn Chinese, practice your piano, educate yourself through informative documentaries on YouTube, take more pictures. Learn to never take your time for granted, and make every day count.
  18. Get inspired easily, then inspire others in return. It’s a roundabout cycle that you’re apparently part of in which you shall never escape.
  19. Celebrate your struggles, for they are the reason behind those overwhelming accomplishments of yours.
  20. Read the Bible more often, will you? And the news. Your world cannot only revolve around those fictional worlds and mind-twisting plots. Be aware of the things that occur in your society. Keep that mind of yours open.
  21. A lot of great things are waiting for you in the narrow-coming future, so make sure you’re there to witness it.
  22. Create your very own travel-bucket list, so that you may see yourself foot-conquering all those splendid destinations you’ve managed to plan ahead for now someday.
  23. Stay positive!
  24. Make sure to check in all the factual conditions before you deliberate on making assumptions. Be meticulous!
  25. Last, but certainly not least: stay alive. (:

from a sincere writer who speaks better through words on screen,


Hey. Hope you enjoyed reading this list of 25 self-reminders that I finally succeeded to gather on today’s post. It’s written with an intention of it being a stepping stone to all the hard things I’ve been going through these past few days. And yes, I do mean well for this post to motivate those of you who are also going through a rough spot in life lately. Leave a comment down below if you need anything, I’ll be sure to have more posts like this coming up in the future! Massive shoutout to those of you who are battling their way towards being okay again, this post is for you. (;

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