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I traveled to the west side of Europe last year, and managed to have visited plenty of countries that left me quite the impression, that I would very much like to go back again someday to experience more of it afoot. From the notoriously intriguing city of canals: Amsterdam, the small, significant, yet interesting city slash country: Liechtenstein, the city of love in which I’ve had huge expectations for that failed to suffice: Paris, to the romantic, humid, and raw city of Rome.

I have seen, learned, and grabbed ahold of so many new, exciting things from that journey that looking back from the amazing adventures I’ve taken, I figured that I just had to find my way back towards gallivanting though this breathtaking continent again some time in the future. Europe seemed like this very grotesque destination where you sometimes feel as if you’re inside a movie as you scan yourselves through these vintage-looking buildings, featured in with the blissful peace the nature that surrounds it it has to offer. There is just so much to see, you guys. I promise.

Listed down below are essentially 5 beautiful cities in Europe that I aspire to visit someday, and reasons as to why I find them really intriguing to explore. So here goes!

Side note: Do be alarmed that I will be writing posts like these for the next few days to come because I am so much in the mood towards writing them, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next, if you really enjoy reading posts like these! (:

Salzburg, Austria


I, for one, really enjoyed my last brief half-day stay in Austria last year in Innsbruck, and have yearned to again revisit the country starting off with this lovely gem. Salzburg is a lovely town where you may find world-class musical performances in almost anywhere: churches, streets, and/or music halls. A perfect spot for those of you who possess an exquisite taste in real music. I’m a sucker for live musical performances, and seeing all these people performing a free live orchestra committed to charity back in Innsbruck last summer has left me to wonder what really lies in the other gorgeous lyrical cities this country has to offer.

Prague, Czech Republic


One of the most enchanting cities I’ve ever heard, Prague delivers a magical vibe where all who wonder through it may get lost in its divine beauty. This city is definitely on my radar, for it has every trope a European paradise could possibly send across to tourists everywhere. Visiting the Prague castle, and admiring the architectural aspect of it being an inspiration towards the ever famous Disneyland castle, strolling around streets where you may see most folks here walk, and enjoying the brisk air that revolves around the city itself is all I could ever ask for from this seemingly attractive jewel from the East.

Brussels, Belgium


I didn’t get to visit this wonderful city where one of the best chocolates are made from, due to it not being thrown in my tour itinerary last year. It was quite a shame, because I really looked forward to visiting the place and admiring the iconic Manneken Pis statue, along with a visit to the Herge museum, dedicated to the creator of Tintin, where it filled up most of my childhood days with its bold tales. Brussels, I will most certainly come back for you.

Munich, Germany


 Munich is especially known as this lively city in Germany where you can imagine all sorts of exciting things happening there daily. A lot of people can be found gathering to drink beer in means of celebration, or just enjoying general get-together sets in day-to-day evenings. It has beautiful parks, live music, markets, and marked historical pinpoints where the legendary dictator Hitler once plotted his plans to reign over Europe. However, what intrigues me the most is how rich this city is with its diverse culture and their never-dying aspect of it that surely completes the look. Attractive at its own pace, Munich had succeeded to find its way to sway me into falling in love with it, in the best way possible.

Budapest, Hungary


Another mideival jewel in Europe I’d like to put on this list, is Budapest. Where history was made, and inspirations born at its very finest form. From its sublime beauty to its wondrous architectures it provides throughout the entire city. A lot has happened here aside from what I can tell, a massive Jewish quarter lives up to this city until now where we can follow their story in a variety of historical relics and museums. Budapest is without a doubt, a sight I would surely not like to miss.

Disclaimer: This is one of those posts that took me quite forever to finish, due to the extensive research I’ve gone through in each of the city on this list. However, if you find anything that may have been misinterpret or some false mentions I may have also have written anywhere throughout this entire post, do be kind enough to comment down below for me to correct them later, for your thoughts and opinions are warmly appreciated. (:

So that leaves off to exactly 5 cities in Europe on this ambitious travel bucket list! Thank you guys so much for taking your precious time to dive into this, I hope you all enjoyed. This was by far one of those articles where I put in so much effort and time into writing, to relevantly keep track on the places I’ve been dying to visit in Europe someday, it being a truly belle of a continent where I will be forever in love with. As for my next post, you have probably read the side note from the above, mentioning that I am in such a huge travel-writing mood from which indicates that I will be writing more of posts like this, in formats of different particular continents or specific countries enlisting at least 5 cities that is right up my alley.
Let me know in the comments down below if you especially want me to write more travel related content here? Or if you have any specific travel related content to request for me to write about, as I would love to know. Also feel free to comment your version of the top 5 cities in Europe you would like to visit the most, because I would also like to hear all about it! Once again, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have an amazing day ahead of you.

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