A Game Changer

Earlier yesterday, I attended my usual Sunday service at church, and has yet heard another wonderful sermon coming from a lively speaker from the community which I lived in. It was enlightening, and it may have oozed me at some point because I was currently in a state  in life where issues like these appear to occur quite so often. So indeed here I am, standing up as a writer, ready to spring off into spreading the message across through my blog. (:

Daniel was the star that day, and remembering all the tales and adventures he’s been through in the Bible, I have come to realize that he was one heck of a historical figure to look up to. He stood out among the others who basically ate meat that was intentionally presented to the Gods, proving them wrong by remaining healthier and stronger when eating vegetables and drinking water instead. He has yet predicted the true prophecy laid upon King Nebuchadnezzar through the peculiar dream sent by God, survived in a den filled with lions, and remained loyal to his Lord by praying constantly 3 times a day. He was indeed, a game changer. 

Then they said to the king, “Daniel, who is one of the exiles from Judah, pays no attention to you, Your Majesty, or to the decree you put in writing. He still prays three times a day.” – Daniel 6:13

The theme for this month, was apparently about becoming a game changer. A person whom lacks all different kinds of bad influences being put upon them, while living in a world where everyone may have stand against you. Daniel was apparently one of them. So in a way, I really admire the firm principle Daniel brought on himself by really relying upon nobody else but God. He couldn’t care less of the people around him who badmouthed him, but instead kept his determination and remained fearless of the trials being thrown upon him for not being like the rest of them.

He was quite extraordinary, to be honest. I never really thought of it that way up until yesterday. Looking back on all the circumstances, challenges, and punishments he had to face by staying true to his belief was really impressive. I think it was brave of him to be loyal to God. And hey besides, look at Darius for instance. He was the one who had thrown Daniel in the deadly known Lion Den for his lack of “obedience” towards his decree, but ended up setting Daniel free after he knew Daniel’s God prevented the lions from eating him alive by shutting their mouths off. In addition to that, he also rewrote his decree, enforcing his people to praise the Lord of God in the end.

Amazing, isn’t it? How you can actually become the light in the midst of darkness, where everyone is ultimately ready to dim you down, but you’ll end up being the one who lightens them up instead?

Which leaves us off with the big question lying in the back of our minds, how should we do it? Below are 4  steps to follow on becoming a game changer yourselves. 😉

  1. Being a game changer doesn’t necessarily mean you should also be popular. A lot of people in this generation craves for the pleasure of being popular, or being adored by those around them. I for one, can really connect to this statement a lot, because not all good people get a large quantity of crowds backing them up in advance. They’re that way because they are different, and that’s okay. It’s the least popular ones who are most likely to become the light that outshine others. And no, I’m not trying to promote the fact that popular people have it worse. What I mean to say is, it is okay to be hated for doing what is right, than it is to be admired for committing the awful things being done on purpose. Staying true to yourself without minding what the others might think of you is what it takes.
  2. Be persistent on doing so. A game changer should value the means of persistence. It is normal to feel down sometimes when you simultaneously let other people get to you, but don’t ever let that aspect dim your burning fire that can be used to lighten up others. Falling down is an easy task. Standing up, on the other hand, is harder. How you stand tall after all those downfalls being put to you is what makes the difference. Keep in mind of that.
  3. Become an impact towards others. Another thing after you mastered the two previous steps above, is to simply become a great influence to those around you. It’s not just about the way you behave among them, but how you maintain a valuable relationship with God as well. Start simple by allowing yourself to talk to God more often on a regular basis. Allow Him to participate in your daily life activities, and you’ll sure come to find what it is you’re looking for to bring impact to the lives of others. Trust me, it works.
  4. Keep praying. Life is not always going to be sweet lemons and honeysuckle cupcakes, for there will come a time where you may reach the upmost peak of your downfall, being the game changer that you already are, and end up crying so hard that it hurts. The solution to this isn’t drugs, alcohol, or any kind of earthly things you could imagine thinking about doing. Not even those around you can fully help you regain a spirited soul and push you back up. When all seems lost, go to Jesus. Pray to your heart’s content, and feel free to let it all out. God listens, and He has plans that is far beyond your wildest imagination. You’ll never walk alone, just pray.

I am not a prophet, nor a priest who preaches in church, but I can safely inform you that these first 4 steps will definitely help guide you towards becoming the ultimate game changer you long to be. It is better to look awful than to look good in front of those surrounding us who are wrong. 

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” – Hans F. Hansen

Best of luck, game changers. May God be with you always.


Hello, again. (:
This was by far my favorite entry to write about in June. I enjoyed every minute of writing it because it flowed over quite smoothly. Over the course of life lately, I think that becoming a game changer is harder than it sounds like. Nonetheless, I keep reminding myself that it’ll be alright. Fall 7 times, then get back up at 8, that’s what they say.  I think writing about it soothed me out a bit, as it always does. More importantly, I just thought that this was a very honest set of words upon how I would advice myself as a person at this point in life? Teehee.
I hope the people who find themselves reading this could pick something up after reading it.
Let me know if you’re one of them!
Feel free to express yourselves through the comment box below for me to see. (:
I’ll meet you there!
Sermon material credits to Victor Indra, thank you for being such an enthusiastic speaker. Stay inspired!
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