Dear Dad

“Behind every outstanding daughter, lies a dedicated loving mother… And a dad, he was there too.”

Oh, hey dad. What? I didn’t make the quote myself or anything. HAHA. Alright, alright. I’m joking. I’m sorry, here’s another one that I made just for you:

“Behind every promising daughter, lies a father who believed in her aspiring dreams.”

There, happy?

Moving on, then.

I’ve never actually written a post dedicated to you before. Since this is my first time doing it, and I know you’ll probably end up hugging me and start calling me names for being cheesy afterwards, I’m just gonna get right on and say it:

Happy father’s day.

Thank you so much for being that one figure who always looks out for me. A loving parent who showed nothing but great understanding towards his children. A fantastic leader who never stops praying for the sake of his family’s welfare. A supportive guardian who roots his daughter for her passion in writing.

Thank you for being you. For taking your daughter out to exploring new cafes and drinking coffee, for constantly reminding her that there will always be something new to pick upon visiting them. Thank you for taking her and your son swimming on Sunday evenings, and for driving them there.

Thank you for being such an inspiration. For being a passionate coffee maniac who makes himself coffee every morning just because he likes it that way. Also for being the best camera dealer out there I know of, for knowing so many amazing, well-known people and having them as your friend slash customers. You’re amazing that way.

Thank you for being the first man to ever love me as I am, and to always forgive me for the mistakes I’ve done. And Thank you for putting a roof above my head, for bringing food to the table, and providing wi-fi that ended up connecting to all my devices.

Thank you for listening to all my retarded remarks, and for laughing instead of judging me for saying them. Thank you for showering us with affection through unlimited hugs and kisses every now and then, showing that you care for us dearly. You’re fun to be around that way.

And thank YOU for your genes, dad. Couldn’t have been the way I am now without it. I assume you still feel proud of yourself for having me, aside from the fact that you hate to admit you’re proud of me as well.

I know you’ve been asking me to make an itinerary for our upcoming trip, but hey, I still have priorities, dad. I’ve got a list, and this letter happens to lie on top of it. So like it or not, (and I know I’m a day late) this is apparently what you get for being the world’s best dad ever. Cheesy, I know. But yeah, it meant to come out a little more sincere than that. Honest! Teehee.

I’m on my way towards making you proud, pa. Somehow. I promise. Please remain healthy for now, so you can witness me taking you and mama travelling all around the world someday. Anywhere you like, you name it.

you know I love you, right?






2 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. thewaasblog says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed reading your post lol. It’s a wonderful feeling seeing fathers appreciated. Thanks for sharing : )


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