A Sterling Goddess

The time has come for me to finally do another profile run-up on this beautiful summer day, calling upon an even more beautiful lady for me to write about. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for Tiffany Olivia. (;

She is stunning, gorgeous, charming, and really just everything nice in general. A dazzling gem to look at that is unlike any other, with an unreachable height that is compared to world class models, and fairly accessorized with the prettiest smile you could ever ask for. So yes, we all know her as the belle of our class in school, and as cheesy as this paragraph may sound to you all, she would still most likely end up with a huge grin on her face when she reads this, feeling exceptionally proud of herself for who she is. (Don’t you, pun?)

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention there. She goes by the name of Ipun somehow, which is by far the cutest nickname you could ever find from a person called Tiffany. She enjoys eating, mostly anything vanilla or cookies and cream related dessert, especially churros. She also adores fashion, and has such a genuine bright style compiled with a dream of pursuing a successful career of building her very own fashion empire. On one hand, she would often mess around with you a lot once you really get to know her better, but on the other, she could seriously invest herself towards listening and understanding life-long tough situations that her best friend was currently facing.

Now I don’t normally write about just anybody here on the blog. So you best believe it, that Tiffany is not just anybody, you guys. I guess to me, she is this dazzling figure of light who really brings out the best in me on any dark, gloomy days that has yet to come. She is the ideal companion that allows me to grow, just a little more, everyday. 


On account of this very special day, I’ve decided to gather a list of 7 reasons as to why I look up to her as a rolemodel myself:

  1.  She works hard for her studies. One of the things I admire most about her is that she has such a high standard towards achieving her grades. She values process, and never ceases to stop reviewing all the tested subjects being put down on her gradually. Even if she sometimes had to pull a teeny bit of an all nighter for being the nocturnal creature that she is, her academic results are certainly one to look up to a lot.
  2. She already has her life figured out. Currently preparing herself for the IELTS test, her goal is to pursue her dream of entering the glamorous world of fashion through studying at either RMIT University in Melbourne, or a well-known international fashion academy in Shanghai. Whereas most teenagers still are finding out what they’re up for after graduation, this girl has already taken a total of 48 hours of sewing classes in advance! She’s going places, you guys. I can already tell.
  3. Holds a strong principle to her everyday life. This is probably my most absolute favorite thing about her. I’m not trying to imply that she’s perfect or anything (even in a way I somehow find her so), because nobody’s perfect. Ipun makes mistakes everyday, she knows she does, but she never holds on to them for so long. She learns from them like a stepping stone, then like a fox, she quickly jumps away by not letting it shatter her for so long, and moves on. That’s how magnificent of a person she is.
  4. She doesn’t stay angry for so long. I guess after almost a year of knowing her, and looking back to the uncomfortable situations we’ve been through with each other, I’d say she’s pretty good at containing herself. Sure of course, she sometimes get pissed off by my so called immature behaviors, but at the end of the day, she holds upon no grudges, and forgives me for the causes I’ve done that might have really troubled her in the first place.
  5. She values a near and dear relationship with her family. Family is so important to her, and I’ve somehow find it comforting to hear her telling me stories of how mischievous her little brother at home is, or how her younger sister accomplished big time in her studies. I can tell by the sparkle in her eyes while telling me about them, that she values their presence in her life so much, and often spends a humongous time being with them as a family. She treasures them, and loves them wholeheartedly, and that I believe this behavior of hers is super important for people out there to execute themselves with their own families as well.
  6. She is clothed with confidence, but ultimately stays humble at the same time. I won’t lie when I say that Ipun is extremely beautiful, inside and out. I’m not saying that she does not get insecure at times with her overall image, but I can see the confidence in her that’s glowing out the surface whenever she is to present herself in front of a huge crowd. Despite all that, she is also humble, and does not go around bragging everyone about pretty much anything. She lays low, and I highly appreciate her for being that way.
  7. She pays huge respect to those around her. Whether it being a history teacher, or a bullied classmate, Ipun treats them all equally with full regarded respect on a daily basis. She never taunts, shows great deals of kindness, and knows when to really speak up necessarily in the most mannerly fashioned way possible. Kindness is probably like, her middle name or something, because she kills it good.


As much as I’d love to mention a few more, I think this should be enough to not wipe that wide smile on her face as she finds herself reading this. And no, the reason why I decided to fill up my blog with her flawless pictures is not to ~promote~ her into getting a boyfriend (sorry boys, she’s taken), but to simply remind you all that a decent person like her exists, still out there wandering her way through big and small trials in life, just like the rest of us. 

Happy sweet 17th birthday, love. Stand tall, and do not ever let them forget the essence of your spark. Enjoy being legal! ❤

yours truly,


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