Summer Treats | Ion Doughnut

Another lovely addition to our beloved city’s culinary experience, Ion Doughnuts is a must-try to all of you die-hard doughnut lovers out there. Freshly baked with love, these roundsomes will fill that hole of missing piece that you may not find during hot summer days like this, and will also most certainly satisfy all your set of cravings.

So these delectable treats came in my doorstep this morning, and I completely fell in love with how pretty it looked:


Knowing that it was crafted so carefully, and was also made this very morning, gave me the idea of how wonderful it would be to write and communicate all my thoughts on its glorious existence here on my blog, and make a review out of it as well.


Starting off with the packaging, it followed a simplistic square shaped white box, the one you’d normally get when you order pizza, and which included an adorable sheet of embroidered paper that on top of it lies a 9 share amount of your average sized doughnuts inside of it. Decorated with all kinds of different toppings, these chocolate gravy covered doughnuts tasted exceptionally delightful, as if it just went straight out of the oven. (and yet it does) Toppings include: rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, chocolate chips, oreos, and cheese. I hear that they’re still on the run towards innovating more toothsome flavors and toppings on the way, so be sure to stick around to find out during its release!

Next off, flavor. The combination between the doughnut itself and the toppings that lie on top of it are surprisingly out of this world, and what do you know, it’s best served hot! So make sure to heat it up in advance to get the maximum eating experience of these addictive babies. Moreover, it relies upon no preservatives for it is homemade, which makes it even better. The dough itself is super soft to chew on, and the chocolate coating had such an excellent balance when it comes to the bittersweet texture underlying it. Highly recommended for those of you who aren’t huge fans of a little too much sugar on top of anything, so yes. This certainly is your cup of tea.

Aside from all that, the presentation of these doughnuts are super decent to cooperate with, that it is aesthetically pleasing enough to decorate your desired instagram feeds.

Guess that is it for my review on these lovable homemade doughnuts. I highly anticipate you guys to check them out through all the social media links that will be mentioned down below, as they are currently open for pre-order to those of you who live in Surabaya. So make sure you donut forget to grab a box of these mouthwatering treats until then!

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Have a lovely day!



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