Dear Diary | Prospects & Aspirations

I feel like writing has been taking over my life a little too much lately, which is great. I’m thinking of really expanding the overall spectrum of what I normally discuss here and see how it goes. But ANYWAYS, here’s to another round-up post on how I go through life and all its exciting jazz whatsoever, though to play fair, it has been a huge mixture of a lot of serious ideas, goals, dreams, and questions written all over it. So without any further rambling, let’s just hop right on to the chase, and get to it now shall we?

  • The first thing on my mind would be the upcoming trip I’m taking to UK with my family in a matter of few days for the next couple weeks to come, which I am supercalifragilisticexpialidociously excited about. We’ll be visiting Manchester, Cardiff City, EDINBURGH (!!!!!), Oxford, LONDON (!!!), and perhaps too many more cities for me to mention here. There you’ll probably witness me vlogging, taking pictures, and enjoying all-in-all surrounding sceneries accompanied with my fixed-lens olympus SLR carrying a small black and white colored backpack behind my back. A stereotypical set of tourist tropes if you ask me, but meh. We all have our ways.
  • You could say that I have just made a go-big-or-go-home investment deal out of my life savings and recent profit inputs on imported snacks. Yes, after reflecting upon my Zanana Chips reselling procedures for the past several months, and many reconsiderations that follows after, I have made my decision to expand the dynamics of the products I currently possess at hand to aim for a larger scale of market, and therefore of course, a hopefully even bigger income at hand. So yeah, I’m this go-getter who takes the world on distinct opportunities with potential risks, with a firm, sturdy belief of conquering them beforehand. No big deal.
  • I’m FINALLY taking a toll-ticket away from my long-extended reading slump. Currently am more than halfway through Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, which I intend to really finish by tomorrow so I’ll have an overall review about it being posted on the blog SOON. It has apparently been a while since my last review about a book came up, and that I think I should be doing more in the underlying future to suffice the bibliophic standards I have intentionally brought upon managing for this (previously) book-related blog of mine. Promise I’ll get myself to manage somehow. Soon.
  • Since I ought to be leaving for quite some time later, I’m pretty confident that I won’t be posting as much as I currently am now. Which is sad, and unproductive in a way that makes me feel a bit down at times. BUT I have yet scheduled to pre-write at least 5 posts (could be less, could be more) to upload in the midst of my trip where I won’t be able to write, so I hope it would at least settle a wee bit of absence this blog will soon experience for the next couple of weeks, so wish me luck! (;
  • Strange to somehow think this much time had flew over the course of 2017, and that I will soon be embracing the last two semesters on high school to face an endless cycle of national exam drills, a preparation for an internship program, and plenty more future-related stuff to deal with whatsoever. It’s going to be one hectic hell of a year, featured with possibly more stress-packed sleepless nights of studying, and hauling over countless potential universities to apply scholarships to in means of making the old man proud. Brb as I fortunately brace myself towards facing these trials head-on as I go.

Guess I believe that this is it for my life update, I suppose? I know the title sounds a wee little too cheesy over the edge more than it should, as this isn’t exactly the way I deal with writing diary entries. I like that it doesn’t get too personal, nor general with the way I consciously write as I speak to mind. Meaning to say, that it didn’t end up going that off balance, you know what I’m saying? Sorry if this post may sound really gibberish to you, as I am not forcing you to read the whole entire thing. But hey, a round of applause to those of you who actually did make it this far. (; Thank you for your time invested getting into this, appreciate it a lot, really.

I’d best be going then, got a load of pre-writing schedules to fulfill.

I’ll see you when I can!



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