30 Things to be Grateful About

one | my bed and everything that lies on top of it.

two | the mere existence of moonlight cakes and bread pudding.

three | rainbows after stormy days.

four | how tough high school is, that it made everyone else tougher as well.

five | that sometimes your mom forgives and forgets the punishments she was supposed to give you.

six | grandma’s semi-frozen orange juice.

seven | daddy’s big old warm snazzy jacket.

eight | ion doughnuts. YAZ!

nine | opportunities that don’t come around twice.

ten | bookstores that leave their books unwrapped for you to read.

eleven | that ping pong is still a thing.

twelve | people who value quality over quantity.

thirteen | the smell of vanilla.

fourteen | conversations that allow you to burst into laughter.

fifteen | apples.

sixteen | the boomerang feature which can be used directly to post instagram stories.

seventeen | lessons learned after participating on any type of competitions.

eighteen | aesthetically looking pictures on tumblr.

nineteen | lindsey stirling.

twenty | how my brother and I sing Alexander Hamilton together like it’s an anthem.

twenty-one | any cookies and cream flavored ice cream.

twenty-two | the smell of books.

twenty-three | benedict cumberbatch.

twenty-four | fourth chances. (i’d say it’s more of a charm than the third)

twenty-five | redback specialty coffee.

twenty-six | taylor swift’s old country songs.

twenty-seven | 9GAG.

twenty-eight | brittish accents.

twenty-nine | men who pay high respect to a woman’s dignity.

thirty | all the portrayed kindness that’s left in this world.


Hiii, so yeah fyi this list of 30 things to be grateful about aren’t in any biased particular order, but I still hope you all enjoyed reading them! Let me know down below what your favorite things in this list are, if you may somehow relate to them as well, or you could at least try and list 5 of your own! I’d love to know what yours happen to be, and whether or not we share a few things in common.
Again, this was another pre-written post that I made way back before my trip to UK, as I won’t have time to write at all once I get there. And as you find yourselves reading this, I’d probably be somewhere lost in Scotland by now? Or Wales? Anyhow, I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it, so be sure to stick around to keep yourself tuned for my next update!

happy holidays!






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