Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever seen a girl, with such a young and unsteady age dwelling in upon her, feeling so strong, so confident, and so self-accepting in the most authentic way possible. Not a care in the world of what others has to say about her overall existence, always doing whatever the odds to reach a certain level of health and happiness, and thrusts upon no insecurities whatsoever regarding her full overall appearance.

Never have I ever can fully understand how she could pull off such amazing digital designs of artwork fashion being regularly posted on social media in means of getting productive during her spare time. Making it look like a piece of cake, nobody questions the overlying potential this girl has to pursue a life-long career dream to get the honor of becoming a world-class designer in the fashion industry.


Never have I ever witness a person so grateful of the little things around her, from the funny, adorable, instagram posts she likes and shares across through direct messages, to the catchy, emotional Korean songs played on repeat from her phone, and pictures taken with best friends back during the jolly good old days of junior high school saved on her computer. Showing massive gratitude to everything that God has managed to bring upon up until now. Always have, and always will.


Never have I ever met someone who makes such dangerously good doughnuts, and finds the opportunity to create a business out of it to earn more dough. Who wakes up at 4 in the morning to immediately fulfill the orders being sent to her that day, and delivers them all to the hands of her clients with such excellent condition. (give it up for Ion Doughnut!)


Never have I ever quite comprehend at how versatile a person can be after meeting her, knowing that she bakes, draws, sings, plays the piano, and socially not awkward at making new friends. Already readying herself to take the world by storm equipped with the set of skills she has yet to master for the time being.


Never have I ever been known to a person so filled with respect and humility to those around her. Portraying acts of pure kindness to everyone she knows, saying hello to the people whom she may not be familiar with, paying such huge respect to authority and the elderly, functioning a tone of voice that soothes the ones who hear them.

Never have I ever come across a person who persistently takes risks and not wasting glimpses of second and/or third chances being laid upon her relentlessly. Encountering big and small problems as she goes, partaking wise acts of decisions to solve them like she knows they’re coming. Seldom complains, often looking at brighter sides. This is how she rocks and rolls, winning at life.


Never have I ever known a girl who already has her life figured by taking a medic school in China, pursuing a career there while also digging onto her ancestor’s roots. A biology subject enthusiast, and a sucker for saving lives of the unhealthy, she longs to become any kind of specialist doctor she aspires to be.

Never have I ever realize that maturity had nothing to do with the number of your age after seeing a girl acting so independently, having this stronghold mindset being planted upon her on such a very young age. Staying out of the comfort zone is what she does best, simply adapting herself constantly with new environments, and embracing all the cruel awful things this world has to offer. An adventurous soul always seeking more than there is, a rare gem one must surely keep a look out for. For there aren’t many left of them being around to find these days.


Never have I ever clicked with a person so entirely, to the point where I can say she’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. A companion, a best friend, a long-lost sister from another mother who reads the blurt-outs I have during most unexpected times. Who brings out the wild, quirky, and childish sides of me, whilst willingly sending endless support towards everything I have ever come across into doing.


Took me about 2 hours to finally finish this sincere, quite long written post about you at this very late hour (06/23/2017; 00:56 AM). I checked in on you earlier to ask if you were still up, but I assume you’ve probably dozed off at a fantasy world somewhere in your dreams by now. However, I’m probably still out busy exploring the streets of London by the time you’re reading this. So sorry for being a bad person of not showing up on this very special day. I hope you enjoyed reading the whole thing, for it’s the least I can do to make it up to you. Hope it didn’t sound too cheesy or anything, do file in your complaints or anything you have in mind using the comment box down below, for I would love to know what you think of it as a whole? Lol.

Happy sweet seventeen, Kimberly Yang. Keep your chin up, because you know you’re killing it, girl. There’s a lot waiting for you out there, so you best prepare yourself to be up for it, yeah?

Let’s meet up soon!



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