A Milestone in Manchester

They call themselves, “The Red Devils”. Yep, shoutout to all the Manchester United team fans out there who either have or have not yet visited this dashing city, and of course, the Old Trafford stadium himself. Typical as it is, I’ve come to just learned that apparently most of the UK’s notorious football teams possess their very own stadiums that is very open to the public during off-game-seasonal days, showing off fans from all over the world all the pride they gathered through the years being preserved inside these very stadiums.







Having the opportunity of stepping into this stadium myself (literally) gave me the chills. And it’s not because of the weather or anything, psh.

Okay, so there was a hint of sarcastic tone on that note. Big deal.

The weather was terribly cold, and apparently the wind went too far blowing itself on preeeetty much anyone who chose to stroll around the stadium that day.

But ANYWAYS I got a huge chance of joining the exclusive tour to the grandeur pride of MU led by a formally introduced official himself. His name is Bill. Say hi, Bill!


His overall feature (and his voice + the accent) very much reminded me of the creepy black cab murderer in the first episode of Sherlock (A Study In Pink), only without the cap and specs, of course. And the slightly sinister attempt on acknowledging every passenger he acquired to eat his suicidal pills. Just to throw this in out there.

Moving along, Bill showed us around the house and stated some really interesting insights of the big whoop with that accent, and you’d bet it was radical, especially if you consider yourself to be a Red Devil yourselves. He showed us around the cafeteria, where it was originally closed and only opens during game season, where they sell all those variables of grub you see on television like hot dogs, coke, peanuts, etc to them spectators who wish to enjoy themselves as company to witness their favorite players on field. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of it, though. My mistake.


He also brought us in to the extra exclusive changing room used by the actual players themselves, which was, as expected, blown up entirely by the iconic red jerseys hung throughout the entire walls that surrounded the room.


I literally had no clue who these players were to be quite honest. But it was worth the shot anyways.


He then showed us to the visitor’s changing room, where all the world-famous football teams were to change before they really rise themselves up to the field to face against MU or any other particular teams as well.


The time finally arrived as we scout along towards the last, but more importantly, the best deal the tour itself could possibly offer: stepping on the all-round bloody hell stadium itself.

Bill was giddy enough to inform that the state of the art stadium was sponsored by multiple billionaire companies, and that the green grass field that covers up pretty much the entire field had recently been trimmed, and taken care of by the hands of the very best expertise on set, so yes. No touchy-touchy, nor is there to be any stepping on it while we admire its enormous authenticity.


Now here’s the interesting part: before we were to enter the stadium, there is this very unique, must tradition to all football players who are to appear during a game where they are supposed to be properly introduced by the sports commentator along with a very champion-esque music flowing along as they go through it, just to strengthen the versus tournament vibes and light up the hint of motivation to the players.

Here’s what Bill did: he asked our group to create two separate lines, and then as the recording of the commentator cues on with the music playing, we screamed our lungs out to some kind of motto or word (I couldn’t remember the exact words we said, sorry!), running towards the field with our game faces on, and was then greeted by the sight of the dashing red-filled hot seats throughout the entire stadium.

Holy guacomole was the stadium big, alright. Old Trafford was one bloody red of a stadium, with a capacity of over 80,000 seats, the cheapest to cost around 200 pounds, at least, (correct me if I’m wrong on that one) that could get you only one of the seats located at the very top far back row around the stadium, depending on how popular the teams that were playing are in that specific time being.





After really sucking in all the red we could during our very last brief moments inside the stadium, we were to exit and was recommended to check out the official MU museum, where it contained pretty much anything there is to know about this legendary team, or visit the store where they sell all kinds of official merchandises any Red Devil could ever want to own in the palm of their hands. It was the end of the tour, and we were sadly off to part ways with Bill and his knack for amateur football playing and his passion towards the team themselves (fairly enough, I did get to ask him a question or two once I got the chance of doing so). Cheerio then, Bill!

Clearly, you wouldn’t expect my adventures to be over just yet, now do you? Well, we had to take our chances on visiting the museum on the second floor, of course! But before we went into all that great stuff, resting our tired legs in the iconic Red Cafe that lies right next to the museum was what we really needed at first. We eventually sat, and ordered ourselves a mug of hot chocolate along with an aesthetically pleasing, yet also one of the best mouth-watering chocolate muffins you could ever come across into having in your mere entire lives. For real, though. The overall texture of it tasted magnificent that we even considered on getting another one! But didn’t, unfortunately. For it was almost lunch time.


The museum was overall a fantastic finale to complete the piece of our day in Old Trafford. It had all the awards, including big, huge trophies, countless medals and certificates, also detailed information which regards all the past and present players of the team, written historic events that occurred from the very beginning, and far too many for me to mention. I’d say you’d be ever so lucky if you were to enter, spending hours there gawking at all that’s in it. That is, if you are a true badass, dedicated Red Devil, of course.


Moving on to a funny story, you guys: my brother was the first person to examine the official personalized MU ball and finding out that it was literally made in Indonesia! The tag clearly said so, and we were super intrigued on how funny it would be if we were to ever purchase them not realizing that it was made inside our very own nation. Indonesia sure had really outdone themselves on this one. #ProudCitizen


So to wrap it up in a nutshell, I do think that this was an entirely new experience for me, visiting Old Trafford. I, for one, personally do not have a thing for football. Let’s just say I did not have the friendliest gesture of a first impression when I first tried playing it back when I was 6. You do not wanna know. Never tried playing nor showing specific interest to it since then. It might come off as a huge milestone for some people who are indeed fans of the nature of football themselves, but yeah. I’ve had the greatest pleasure of visiting this stadium regardless of not being the football maniac myself, to say the least. It was cool.

On another account, Manchester was the very first city I stepped upon on my first day of the trip, and this stadium was also the very first site I’ve ever come to visit back then. It’s a shame that I couldn’t really stay there for too long, and was only able to experience Manchester at a glimpse through Arndale and Manchester Cathedral, (pictures shown down below) which were all-in-all amazing and incredibly authentic as well.  BUT that being said, I’d love to come back for an extended visit, for I know this city would offer a lot more than I could have consumed on my plate for me to devour upon once I get back to it someday.

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Have you guys ever visited the Old Trafford Stadium? Or are you planning- no, dreaming of a visit sometime in the future? Make sure to leave a comment down below, because I’d love to hear all about it! Hope you enjoyed devouring this chunk of a post, because I can assure you that there will certainly be plenty more where that came from. SOON. (;

for more detailed information on the tours provided in Old Trafford, you may simply pay a visit to their official website here.

Cheerio, then!



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